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Sep 25, 2007 06:31 PM

Korean Restaurant to check out (DAL)

I couldn't think of a better title because all the red sign says is "Korean Restaurant." I was craving Korean so I wandered over towards Royal and 35 looking for something to call out my name. This place is at the NE corner of Royal and Harry Hines, and was a great find.

I should begin by mentioning that I'm no Korean cuisine expert, but i know good food. The lunch menu consisted of soups, stews and a few "BBQ" options. I glanced over the menu and the waitress came to take my order. I tried to communicate that I needed more time, but the language barrier held strong, so I panicked and went with what I knew, kim chee stew. About 10 minutes later I was presented with my bubbling, stone pot entombed stew flanked by 8 traditional side dishes and a bowl of rice tinted with a few grains of purple rice. My stew was in three "phases," so to speak. First, there's the broth phase. This was rich with spice, hot (but not flaming hot) and very well balanced. It had a great acidity which was mellowed out by the richness of the pork unmentionables that lent their goodness to the broth. There was the aroma of fish sauce as a sort of overtone, that gave the stew a wonderful savoriness without any, oh, you know, fish saucy-ness. The second phase is the veggie phase. This consisted mostly of the kim chee, but also a bit of seaweed, that lent to the aforementioned savoriness. The final phase is the protein phase. While I prefer a firmer tofu in general, this tofu was firm enough to hold up to the soup and to caucasian chopstick skills. There were also some bits of pork included. I'm not really sure if it was belly or something more, oh, internal. I'm really hoping I wasn't eating chunks of bacon that large though.

I was a little surprised to recieve the full compliment of side dishes considering the fact i was dining solo. There were none that disappointed. The standouts to me were a clear starch noodle dressed with sesame oil, radish pickles, sesame tinted soy sprouts and some sort of candied root. (the texture was yucca like, but I don't know what it was). They were all great though. The rice won't win any awards, but it did its job.

For 6.50 after tax this was a good deal and an incredible meal. I'm curious about other's korean experiences around here. Any secrets?

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  1. Wow, $6.50 incl. taxes for the stew with full banchan! Jin Mi in Plano has good lunch deals ($5-6 for a bento box incl. banchan items), but not as good.

    Some of us are going to Snow Mountain (Garland) this week or next week. Want to join us? Not a bargain, but I like Snow Mountain's food better than Jin Mi's. Of course, you live closer to Koreatown, so why drive all the way to Garland ;-)

    1. That sounds so delicious right now. I'm a huge fan of (veggie/fish) Korean food. And I'm more than happy to drive for it. But, I have to say that I can't wait for that new Korean place (near Idle Rich and Tecole) to open in Uptown soon and easily get my Bi Bin Bop on for lunch.

      1. Check out Naan in Plano. Have the Monkfish Liver Pate. Awesome.

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          Plano Sushi also does a really good job of Ankimo (monkfish pate) highly recommended.

        2. I so need to go there. I really like Korean food.

          1. We tried "Korean Restaurant" today. Just like kindofabigdeal, we we given no time to make our decision! I chose the Kim Chee soup and my husband tried the beef soup.

            I'm also no expert in Korean soup either, but both huge bowls were very flavorful and very spicy. The kim chee soup was served sizzling in a stone pot. It was very spicy and rich - I was surprised to find sliced jalapeƱos in there. The pork slices sure looked like pork belly to me. Being calorie conscious, I just ate the pork around the fat. We also left our rice alone which caused the waitress to motion to us that the rice was to go in the soup! The beef soup was served in a regular bowl (but still piping hot). It was a bit less flavorful and the beef consists mostly of thin strands of beef, but still good.

            The banchan were pretty standard - no complaints. Not much English is spoken, but we got by just pointing at the menu. Everyone around us seemed to be having the kim chee soup, unless another kind is served in a stone pot. Overall, the perfect meal for a cold day.