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Where to get sausages in GTA?

I'm looking for a place that sells great tasting sausages ( german, italian, polish etc.. ) in the GTA. Preferably a place with alot of variety. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Go to the St Lawrence Market - Downtown right by Front and Jarvis. The best day to go is on Saturday's...boy that just makes me so homesick. Here I sit in Southwest Florida whcih is sadly lacking a market type place that I was so lucky to grow up with!!!

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      There are many stalls at SLM which sell sausages. Any suggestion which particular stall is good? and any sausage in particular I should try?

      hehe.. I wish I was in Florida now.. =P

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        I really don't know which one we buy from but almost all of the meat is fresh and the sausages were homemade. The last time was there (unfortunately) was June of '06. Way too long! I so crave peameal bacon! People here have never even heard of it!

    2. Here's a relatively recent thread about sausages in d.t.Toronto -

      Also, Cumbrae's has some good sausages. And Leslie's Meat & Delli (formerly Kellen's) offers a variet of European style sausages. They're on Leslie St., north of York MIlls, where the old Swiss Chalet used to be.

      1636 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

      481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

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        I recommend Fresh From the Farm on Donlands. They carry mennonite sausages and they are wonderful. You can buy them fresh or frozen. I believe they are only open Thursday to Saturday and they sell out quickly so I would call beforehand.

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          Second that. Here's their website with hours/location and ordering info -

          Fresh From The Farm
          350 Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

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            Hey Jamie, you're good at that....thanks :)

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              Thanks, it's not that difficult. What it indicates, sadly, is that I need a life. Spend way too much time on this board.

              Anyway, to keep things relevant, here are some more Place links -

              St. Lawrence Market
              92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

              Brandt Meats
              1878 Mattawa Ave, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

              323 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R, CA

              Segovia Meats
              218 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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                Wow! thanks for all the suggestions. I'll check them out! :)

      2. Brandt Meat's factory store in Mississauga(Dundas+Wharton Way) is great for all types of fresh and cured wurst--none fresher. Only open Wed-Sat.

        1. Back to the SLM, my favourite sausage place is in the North building on East wall. The Lemon sausages are delicious and I also like their chorizo and their Italian. Get there early!

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            Place in that location is called El Gaucho.

            Also for good chorizo (12 kinds) is Segovia Meats on Augusta

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              I second the lemon sausages. My only problem is that too many people know how bloody great they are, so I have to get there before 9am (from Mississausage) to get a few!!!

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                Last time I went to El Gaucho sausages, I bought three of about 10 different kinds of sausage, including French Champagne, Italian, Brats, breakfast sausage, etc.
                They were all fabulous. I made them one day when we had people over for wine, cheese and munchies and I labelled them all and sliced them in 1 cm slices and put toothpicks in them. I got raving reviews from everyone and it was a great way to try a lot of different flavours. I served with crusty bread slices and cheese.

              2. Somewhat of an aside:
                Does anyone know if Whole Foods carries high-quality sausages? Some of the locations in Pennsylvania have the most amazing store-made sausages.

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                  i was going to recommend whole foods. when i was living in NYC i would always buy sausages from their meat counter that were delicious AND not that expensive. I'd assume that the Hazelton location has them but you never know in this crazy city!

                2. Loads of polish delis on Roncesvalles with every type of sausage fresh and cured that you can imagine. Try Warmia Deli.

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                    You might also want to check out Alex Farms. They sell frozen sausages, vac packed, that are quite good. They have several different types - hot, mild, leek, etc. Sorry but the name of them escapes me at the moment.

                  2. Starsky's Grocery store on Dundas west has a great selection.

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                      Planning to go to Starsky's soon.
                      What is the parking like at their 2 locations?

                      2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

                    2. Anyone tried Yummy Market on Dufferin? Are they any good?

                      1. Though they don't have the variety, the farmer sausage at Superior Sausage on Dundas East of Crawford are a stand-by for me...

                        1. let me mix things up a little

                          and i know this isn't exactly the GTA BUT


                          is a organic farmer that does not put any nitrates etc in their suagese

                          just a thought

                          74 Sawmill Road
                          R.R. #2,
                          Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
                          L9G 3L1

                          1. I am SHOCKED that nobody has mentioned European Meats! It's the place that supplies all of the street vendors in Toronto (Don't worry they have a huge variety of various fresh sausages) .. It's on Jutland Drive , you should check them out.....Try the Debrezine!

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                              Haven't been there but it appears there's another outlet at 176 Baldwin, although I couldn't add a Place link to it.

                              European Quality Meats
                              16 Jutland Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

                              1. re: JamieK

                                Never been to the Baldwin location but the Jutland location is excellent.. Not only do they have a huge selection of meat, but they also have a dine-in/take-out section with fresh grilled food that is ALWAYS very cheap and very good.. I just wish I lived closer! :)

                                If you go during prime time though be ready, the place gets extremely busy

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                                  European is great for any type of cured/smoked sausage product. You also can't really go wrong with any Polish butchers on Roncesvalles, but I think there's only a couple of them left. For something a bit different, the Butchers on Yonge St between Eglinton and Lawrence does several varieties (I last had lamb & rosemary), all organic and free of mystery-meat fillers. They tend to be a bit leaner and drier that the usual greasy stuff we get, so keep your designer mustards handy.

                                  For restaurants, try Buddha Dog on Roncesvalles (strange but delicious), or the Rebel House on Yonge, where they do a different one every day, often with bison or venison (and I'm pretty sure they make their own).

                            2. The best chorizo and linguica sausage I have ever had comes from a Portuguese butcher shop/grocer in Mississauga. I can't remember the name, but here are the directions:

                              Just as you drive south on Cawthra, under Dundas, take the first road on the right as you reach grade level and pull into the plaza on your left.

                              As you walk into the store you will notice a rather large slab of the coarsest pate style meatloaf you may ever see sitting on top of the meat case. It is called "ugly woman" and is probably one of the unhealthiest things you could ever eat, but also one of the tastiest. Don't be put off by the appearance, but on the other hand, don't eat it daily unless you want bypass surgery within the next few months.

                              There is also another store selling several varieties salt cod and other Portuguese products.

                              1. If you are after the BEST (Italian) sausage take a trip to Sapori Italiani Manica Luigi Limited. You will not be disappointed.
                                120 Carlauren Road
                                Woodbridge, ON L4L 8E5
                                (905) 264-1786‎

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                                  There's also Loconte in Woodbridge... THE BEST homemade sausages with fennel I've ever tasted, but Woodbridge is not convenient. I have access to Yummy's and will be in Mississauga next week so I'll hit Starskys, but does anyone know of any joints in TO where I can get fresh Italian fennel sausage??? I'm craving a nice orecchiette with spinach or fennel and fennel sausage. Mmm.

                                  2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

                                  1. re: Moimoi

                                    Aurora on Dixie at Burnhamthorpe. The best, simply. Consistent always. No need to ever go anywhere else for Italian sausages, including Barese. Anywhere else I've ever gone does not measure up. My problem is that I live in Calgary now, so the drive is a bit long. But I will be in Toronto next week, and Aurora will be one of my stops.

                                    1. re: Scary Bill

                                      Another Aurora fan. Their barese is killer. Among the few good butchers in Mississauga.

                                  2. re: vaiguy777

                                    Solid tip re: Sapori - really enjoying these!

                                  3. Superior Sausage on Dundas ......all I have to say is if you want the best go there .