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Sep 25, 2007 05:58 PM

Big Night in Palo Alto

I'm planning a work meeting in Palo Alto and my reputation as a food lover will be killed if I take my workmates to a crap restaurant in this bastion of California cuisine and wine country. My problem is that I've never been there (San Francisco--yes. Palo Alto--no.) and my group is large.

So can any kind soul recommend a restaurant (close to the Sheraton Palo Alto would be nice) that can take a group of 75 for dinner. My budget is decent. I can do up to $150/pp (lower would be better), but I need some privacy for the group. So we'd have to take over the restaurant or at least have a private room. There are timid eaters on the team, so anything ethnic is out. But great, fresh flavors typical of the area and nice wine would be in order.

Many thanks for any guidance.

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  1. i explored upper end lunches in palo alto this summer. this thread should get you started: . tamarine may be a good option.

    1. Interesting request. How far, geographically/time, are you interesting/willing to go?

      Zibibbobo has a decent sized private room downstairs, and another larger private room upstairs. We might have had 75 there a few years ago - in the upstairs room.

      I don't commonly recommend Zibibbobo, but other than hotel banquet areas or maybe Il Forniao I can't think of a "non-ethnic" place with decent food that would do a 75-person. The food's actually quite good, just not up to the flaming excellence of many other joints.

      I look forward to others' replies.

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        I think you're right about Zibibobo...mixed reviews (up and down) but there's really not much for that many people.

        Option 2 would be to take over a restaurant for a private party. For $150 p/p, that's do-able.

        You might look into Chez TJ ($150 might be low) or Evvia (very good Greek/Med). I've seen a few private parties at Evvia over time and seems like you'd be able to come in lower then the $150 p/p. I wouldn't however consider it particular to the Bay Area.

      2. Mantra

        Call ahead for a reservation. They are just off University Ave.

        1. Tamarine is ethnic in that it is contemporary vietnamese food, but I think you will find plenty for everyone and is one of the most popular and hot spots in Palo Alto. You would probably need to buy out the restaurant.

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            Check out the Duck Club in the Stanford Park Hotel - down El Camino from the Sheraton. They can probably handle a group your size and should have a good wine list. On the you'll-have-to-take over-the-whole place list, add The California Cafe at Stanford Shopping Center (you can oogle pictures of Clinton eating there), Left Bank on El Camino in Menlo Park, and Gambardella's in Menlo Park, just off El Camino.