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Sep 25, 2007 05:23 PM

Private Room for 50 with Ocean View?


Does anyone know of a nice restaurant with a private room that would hold 50 people for a wedding dinner? I would like something with an ocean view if possible. Any of the beaches in the LA area would probably be fine. I don't really have a set budget, but maybe something that would be under $80/person with alcohol and tip and that is not too formal would be best.

I would like something a little more chic than a beach shack kind of place but nothing too stuffy.

The cuisine could be american, italian or fusion. Probably not traditional mexican, asian or indian. I've seen a few posts related to this topic but it looked like the criteria was different enough to merit a new post.

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  1. Try the Sunset Restaurant in Malibu (probably more like Zuma since it's so far up north on PCH). It's located on Westward Beach Road just off of PCH about 15 minutes north of Pepperdine University. The bottom floor is a lounge area and the top floor has a panoramic view of the ocean.

    1. The Sunset is a great idea, but very far north...Very far north. Your guests might not like driving 45 minutes north of Santa Monica.

      Dukes has a private room, I've been there a couple times for wedding dinners about that size. Gorgeous views, decent (and sometimes good) food.

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        Was recently at Dukes for a wedding of more than 50 people. Good wait staff, good drinks and appetizers and the food was good to very good.

      2. Maybe the Huntley could accomodate you. Might be $$$$ though.

        1. Went to an informal Bat-Mitzvah a couple of months ago held in a second-floor banquet room at the (Marina) Del Rey Yacht Club. The room can easily hold 50 (X 2), has a wetbar on one side, windows looking out over all of the boats, and some outdoor seating around the deck. As a guest, I really enjoyed it, appreciated the easy parking, but I have no idea on the price point.

          1. i Cugini is almost ocean view...