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Sep 25, 2007 05:14 PM

Birthday dinner with 2 little sisters

My Family is coming to town and it will be my brothers birthday (26). i need a place to go for a birthday dinner- I have two sisters age 13 and 5 the rest of the poeple will be adults. my sissters are pretty good as far as restuarant behavior goes but dont want to drag them to a long drawn out meal. THey are both adventurous eaters.

It should also be in the brentwood/ santa monica area.

Im looking for any type of food but italian or steak house.

price range - moderate to high

my brother is a big fan of mellise, cut, luques and AOC but all seem a bit much with the kids.

any ideas???

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  1. Not sure how many people are going but if it's small enough (on the order of 4 adults plus the two kids), I'd recommend Orris.

    The cuisine is refined enough for someone who is a fan of Melisse and Lucques, while the small plates will appeal to the AOC fan. Also, small plates will help with the kids, as everyone's attention span is shortened due to everyone wanting to sample everything. You can even give the kids their own small plate.

    2006 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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      Orris is a great idea!

      I also love Josie's, but you may be in for a more drawn out evening than you'd like with kids along.

      There's also Violet, Nook, Upstairs 2, Catch, the Lobster and Abode.

      Oh, and Joe's on Abbot Kinney.

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        The problem with Orris is that they don't take reservations, and having to stand around waiting to get in will only draw out the experience for the kids. Plus it's not really a special occasion place like the other restaurants the OP mentioned they were a fan of. In Brentwood/Santa Monica, I would recommend Josie, Joe's, or Jiraffe. Maybe the patio at Joe's would be less stifling for kids? I don't know, none of them are really kid-friendly restaurants. Violet's food isn't as good as the above, but they do have the small plates thing that might work for kids, while also having a nicer atmosphere than Orris and taking reservations. The food is better at Orris, though.

      2. Chez Mimi




        For ethnic, Javan, Warszawa or Qusqo.