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Sep 25, 2007 04:42 PM

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale in Los Angeles

I had this beer at Cafe Metropol and really liked it. Was wondering if anyone knew of any sources to buy the beer in LA (Pasadena / Downtown / Silverlake area).

I have looked at BevMo and Mitsua so far to no luck


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  1. The lack of Japanese beer in Japanese markets outside the standard Asahi/Kirin/Sapporo/Orion fare is depressing. A bit far away from your area, but from personal experience the Beverage Warehouse in Marina del Rey has it. Looking through an older thread, someone mentioned Surfas in Culver City.

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      The last time I was at Beverage Warehouse (approx 1 month ago), I didn't see it. I did see it at the Whole Foods in El Segundo the last time I was there in July. They had the Red Rice Ale as well as the White... I'd call first if you're heading down there.

      1. re: bulavinaka

        I stand corrected on Hitachino at Beverage Warehouse. I just went today and they had three of Hitachino's finely crafted brews: Red Rice Ale, White Ale, and Japanese Classic Ale - all $3.89 each for 330ml (11 oz.) bottles.

      2. re: nakni

        There are plenty of places to get great japanese beer. You just have to know where to look, as with evreything in this town. What is depressing is that the 10 major japanese supermarkets in the LA area refuse to carry them.

      3. They have one type of Japanese beer at Silver Lake Wine, I think it's this one, call them and see. And Surfas.

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          Silver Lake definitely has Hitachino. It is a great beer!

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            This is great news! Initially I've only been able to find it on the westside and the last couple of times that I went to Surfas they didn't have it at all. Silver Lake Wine usually comes through for me.


        2. Cap N Cork Junior Market on 1674 Hillhurst Ave in the Los Feliz area (close to Silverlake) has the best selection around. Their awesome website lists the following Hitachino beers: Hitachino nest ale 750ml, Hitachino nest celebration '06, Hitachino nest red rice ale, Hitachino nest white ale 750ml. I haven't had the celebration but the others are awesome. So good to see extreme craft beers coming out of Japan.

          1. sushi karen and bora bora both have it in their bars. As far as retail, beverage wharehouse, captain cork or something like that, and Hi-Time or something like that in Newport beach all have them.

            1. Vendome Toluca Lake. Ask for Scotland and then ask him. He's the beer guy.

              Some Bevmo's have it. Northridge is a good one

              Try Red Carpet Wine and Liquor in Glendale

              Also BottleRock in Culver city would be a good place to look.