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Mar 18, 2006 08:05 AM

Little Potato, Union City report (w/ pics)

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I tried this place to find out what Dong Bei style food (North Eastern China)is like. It's pretty good. We tried 6 dishes for $26 (before tip)!! So cheap too.

Dishes we tried:
Under the 3 dishes for $15, comes w/ free soup if eating in restaurant.

free small bowl of soup for each of us: we got hot & sour soup. Just average. (C)

Dong Bei Style braised spareribs-very tender meat without bone, felt too fatty or was that just the tendons (B)

Potato w/ sliced pork & eggplant-lots of fat sliced potatoes,w/ pork and eggplant in a dark sauce. (B)

Pork w/ chives dumplings-I love dumplings and these are pretty good, steamed w/ a small dish of black vinegar. (A)

under Lotus Leaf $5.50

Chicken rice w/ garlic sauce wrapped in lotus leaf-huge lotus leaf filled w/ chicken and bell peppers, all the rice on the bottom, great for next day dinner (A-)

Some dishes in the refrigerated section

cold Seaweed salad-very garlicky, dark green seaweed (A)
shredded tofu skin-shredded tofu skin, chewy but not my favorite of the night. (C)

Only negative is it's CASH ONLY. We had enough leftovers for dinner the next day.

Hrs: 11am-9pm (from the takeout menu) didn't say what days so call if you want.

Little Potato
1773 Decoto Rd, Union City 94587 (in the Marina shopping center)


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  1. Just went the other night and had the same braised spareribs and the eggplant/potato and they were both great, especially the eggplant dish. I also thought the spareribs were a bit fatty, but I didn't think that was a problem at all. It was the good kind of fat.

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      Agreed.. the spareribs are fatty, but the obvious fat is easy to remove. I've also ordered the Dong Bei style meatballs but I thought they were a bit bland and boring. But definitely, the spareribs are delicious!

      1. re: alext

        The braised spareribs is my favorite dish as well.

      2. I went there this week. The fried sole was over fried. Barely edible. THe Shanghai won ton soup was fabulous. The pork and potato clay pot had way too many potatoes with salt pork. The pork was very good, just not enough pieces.

        The fried chicken looked really good and I will order it the next time I go. THey have a great 3 for $15.00 selection.

        We got there at 7:30 and they had run out of the complimentary soup. Therefore be forewarned

        1. Tried this place again and this time tried the recommended dishes by previous hounds and found the place to be a worthy chowspot.

          Dongbei spareribs were phenomenal IMHO. Those looked like tendons in tubular shape the size of index fingers but they were soft. And with the sauce it makes the whole thing a wonderful gelatinous combination. Not for the fat conscious people for sure.

          The touted cumin lamb were nice but not as phenomenal as the spareribs. Large portion with sharp cumin flavor.

          The dumpling soup/maybe sui jiao was also good. It had lots of tiny shrimps floating which make it even more interesting

          I saw many tables had some sort of claypot dish/soup but don't know what it is - anyone ? Wonder what else is great in this place

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            I need to go back for the spareribs myself, I couldn't believe how good they were the first time I had them. The lotus leaf selections are pretty good, I'm not sure if that's served in a claypot though. I also remember liking the beef chow fun, the noodles were perfect, not oily at all.