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Sep 25, 2007 04:32 PM

Linda's Organic Kitchen Kew Gardens

Anyone been and care to comment? I've been in there a few times and have not tried the food but it always smells good. I believe its vegan and vegitarian. Just curious what to order and what the menu is all about.

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  1. I actually just started working at Linda's. The deli is mostly Vegan, definately all vegetarian... I believe there is one item that is not vegan for some reason. I suggest trying the marinated tofu, curry butternut squash soup and basil rolls. I haven't tried everything yet, but those items are very good. try a #1 smoothie too - it is made with carrot, banana, ginseng and tofutti (non-dairy frozen dessert). The items at the deli change daily, although there are many steady items. People seem to like the tofuna salad, wild rice salad, spelt pizza (made with soy cheese) amoung other items. anything you order can be eaten there (there are a few stools) or taken with you. It is definately a very healthy quick choice compared to the several pizza places on the same street.