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Still Looking For Mayordomo Oaxacan Chocolate in L.A.

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About a year ago, I posted asking where I could find Mayordomo brand Oaxacan chocolate in L.A. Several people suggested various Whole Foods around town, but none seemed to have it.

Have you seen it around here lately. I'm jonesing for some now.


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  1. It seems almost impossible to get now. I was buying from gourmetsleuth online but they are out of it and won't be getting more in. Aqui es Oaxaca is a market in Mar Vista which had it the last time I was there 3 years ago. There are many Oaxacan markets in LA which is great because they will most likely have it. Since I don't live there anymore it is really hard to get. If you call Aqui es Oaxaca ask for Tony. He speaks English and is a nice guy. If you find it, please let me know on the site so I can maybe order from the vender.