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Sep 25, 2007 04:07 PM

Kosher Beef Ribs in Los Angeles?

A friend of mine is a big fan of beef ribs (who isn't?). Unlike me, he keeps kosher, so his options are more limited. He's had them at La Gondola, but they're like $50 a plate, which I think is crazy.

Does anyone have suggestions of other restaurants, markets, etc. that have good kosher beef ribs (take out or eat in) in the L.A. area?



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  1. The only other kosher place I've seen in L.A. that cooks ribs is the glatt Nathan's fast-food joint on Pico, at a small fraction of the menu price at La Gondola. I've tried the ribs at Nathan's a couple of times and thought they were pretty awful. But my wife (who is admittedly not a ribs connoisseur) liked them a lot, so your friend might as well give them a shot.

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      Doesn't Prime Grill have ribs? I doubt they'd be cheaper than Gondola though.

    2. BS"D

      Beef ribs are not inexpensive, kosher. I've not seen them retail here in LA for less than $6.99/lb., and wholesale is not that much less expensive. Plus, even braised, they take a long time to cook. So they must make them in advance, then keep them on hand to heat when a customer orders them. Then, they must be sold quickly or discarded- there's a finite time for storing cooked food stored under proper conditions, and if they make the ribs that day, chances are that they are not stored uder proper conditions and cannot be sold after that day. So if they make enough for all possibilities, there may well be considerable wastage (I'm sure someone eats the food, but maybe not paying customers). Bottom line is that ribs are probably one of the most expensive things one can buy in a restaurant, and $35-$50 per plate, if a good sized plate (5 ribs per kosher rack- retail price approx. $15 for the raw meat).