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A plethora of raspberries...

Any unusual uses for?

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  1. http://www.globalgourmet.com/food/ild...

    I recently made this French Lemon Cream Tart and piled loads of wonderful raspberries on top. It was pretty and delicious. Not exactly unusual, but really good.

    1. http://www.chow.com/photos/20751

      How about this? 4 ingredients in the torte then raspberries and a raspberry coulis spiked a bit with super fine sugar and Chambord

      1. Make raspberry vinegar and enjoy it year-round!

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          how do you make your raspberry vinegar? do you have a recipe? That sounds amazing.

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            Here's where I got that tip: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/279013

            I can't recall how long I let it sit- probably about 3 weeks.

        2. I love raspberries! I use them a lot in muffins. Add them to my apple crisps or just enjoy them with cream and a strpinkle of sugar. Yum...they freeze fantastically well also.

          1. Mix berries, 1/2 cup of your favorite red wine and 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar. Simmer till it gets really, really thick. enjoy on ice cream!

            1. David Lebovitz has several ice cream/sorbet recipes using raspberries in his book The Perfect Scoop (Raspberry Ice Cream, Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream, Chocolate-Raspberry Ice Cream, Raspberry Frozen Yogurt, Plum-Raspberry Sorbet, Raspberry-Rose Sorbet, Raspberry Sherbet, Raspberry-Champagne Sorbet, Raspberry Granita, and some sauces) - if I had a bunch of raspberries that's definitely how I would use them.

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                His Raspberry Swirl Ice cream is seriously amazing!

              2. This is pretty pedestrian, but I like to make chocolate chip cookie bars and throw lightly sugared raspberries on top.

                1. I too have a plethora of raspberries. I have been preserving them in the following ways:
                  Raspberry Jam
                  Raspberry Rhubarb Jam
                  Chocolate Raspberry Jam
                  Raspberry Vinegar
                  Raspberrries in Framboise (raspberries, sugar and a bottle of Framboise for adding to champagne at Thanksgiving)
                  Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce
                  Raspberries in Syrup

                  Then I pureed the raspberries and strained them through a chinoise to remove the seeds. I added a sugar syrup and lemon juice and I canned these for making sorbet in the future.

                  I also make a brownie with fresh raspberries (take your favorite brownie mix, combine the fresh raspberries with a little melted jam, put half of the batter in the pan, spread the raspberries over that almost to the edge and cover with the rest of the batter) and the Raspberry Streusel Muffins in the Silver Palate Good Times cookbook.


                  1. I've seen pork loin matched with a raspberry sauce before. I know I've seen a couple recipes for raspberries and pork on Epicurious, but I can't get the links because the site is so friggin' slow after its redesign!

                    Raspberries also do well in spinach salad (raspberry vinaigrette anyone?) and with chicken.

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                      The Raspberry-chipotle combo that you see all over these days is really really tasty and great on pork.

                    2. I don't use them for anything unusual, but if you've got a lot, spread them in a single layer and freeze, then transfer to a bag for use in whatever you want throughout the year. I am also a giant fan of freezer jam.

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                        I make raspberry sauce and freeze it in small containers. Always nice to accompany chocolate mousse, choc. cake with whipped cream, drizzled over key lime pie etc. Seems to elevate the level of many otherwise pedestrian desserts.