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Sep 25, 2007 03:45 PM

Lively place, good food for a Sunday night

Need something fun (does not have to be trendy) for two parents and and several "twenty-somethings" on a Sunday night. Going to Blue Hill or Eleven Madison Park Saturday night., but looking for something more laid-back for Sunday. Open to all kinds of food (was considering Tapas, but don't want Stanton Social or Kuma Inn; want something I've never tried and usually do Sushi with this group so looking for something different). One diner is highly allergic to nuts, so Thai is out. Thanks for the help!

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    1. re: NYCnowLA

      no i havent....and don't know anything about it

    2. Hill Country has excellent bbq and will definitely be lively on a Sunday evening.

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      1. re: RGR

        Based on some advice from you and others on another link, I'm thinking maybe slightly more upscale than Hill Country (somewhere between that and Blue Hill). Will be the Sunday of Columbus day weekend, not sure if that makes it a little more like a Saturday

        1. re: lucyj

          Would Crispo be good for this kind of a thing?

          1. re: lucyj

            I haven't been to Crispo, but based on the many overwhelmingly positive posts about it, it sounds like a good choice.

            You might want to consider Hearth. I think it fits your "in-between Hill Country and Blue Hill" idea. The food (New American tilting Italian) is very good, the overall feel is casual, and the front room (where all larger parties are seated) gets quite lively.


            1. re: lucyj

              Yes--Crispo is a good choice. I haven't been on Sunday but have been mid-week and it was bustling then.

              1. re: Lucia

                thanks I think I'm leaning in that direction

        2. "Fun" is a bit to define. How about yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) at Kyu-Gaku? It is definitely a lively place, causal, and usually there is something for every taste bud. Since it is do-it-at-the-table BBQ, it should be fun for the family. No nuts I can see in my experience and can hardly imagine any dishes have nut, though I will suggest you tell the staff there to make sure.

          This place can get really crowded at dinner time, so I will definitely suggest reservation.

          Something along this line will be Korean BBQ in Korean Town.

          Other ones that I can think of include Momofuku Ssam Bar, Aburiya Kinnosuke (Japanese Izakaya) for Japanese small plates and robata grill, or Yakitori Tottos for Japanese yakitori.

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          1. re: kobetobiko

            Gyu-kaku is a great idea! Great atmosphere, decent drinks and the interactive aspect makes for a fun time. Down the street from the Cooper Sq. outpost is Yakiniku West which has a more traditional atmosphere (no shoes allowed). The splashiness of Gyu-kaku, I think, makes it the better option for what you seem to need.

          2. Raoul's in SOHO is great on a sunday. Make reservations though. Great bon ami. Diverse crowd. All ages. Feels like everyone is regulars but not in an obnoxious, exclusionary way. My favorite Sunday place. In fact, I may just be there!

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            1. I love Freemans as well. Schiller's Liquor Bar is always fun on a Sunday night. Need reservations, though.