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Sep 25, 2007 03:42 PM

Thai Delivery in West Hollywood?

Hey there,

I am new to the area and just had ankle surgery yesterday. What is a foodie to do who is housebound and dying for some good food? Basically, I will be trying out delivery options for the next few weeks. Tonight I'm dying for some good Thai. Any suggestions? I'm also up for overall delivery suggestions for the West Hollywood area to hold me over for the next few weeks. Thanks so much guys! I'll report back with reviews....

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  1. I live in WEHO and the Thai options are limited. I tend to go with Natalee Thai or Vegan Glory when I can't make it to Thai Town. Tuk Tuk (on Pico) is very good, but they have a limited delivery area.

    Other places I order from include: Vito's for pizza & calzones, Vivioli for other Italian, Tandori Nights for Indian, Bossa Nova, Skewers.

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      I second Vegan glory for Thai. Even my veggie hating SO loves it. I also order from Chao Krung (on fairfax) every once in a while.

      Swingers is also an option. Most of the swinger's menu doesn't hold very well, so it might not work if you live far (but I live around the corner and the salads etc hold up fine). They do deliver and they're open fairly late if late night hunger hits.

      For Indian, I am convinced that India's Grill can't be beat (and the dine-in experience has improved dramatically since their renovation as well).

    2. Chao Krung on Fairfax near Park La Brea

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        Zen Grill - has some good Thai options and other Asian influenced cuisine that is yummy.

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          Alas, they recently were shuttered.

      2. thanks guys! I decided to go with chao krung for delivery tonight...i'll let you know how it is. I'll definitely be checking out the other suggestions through the next couple of weeks for sure!

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          I live right near Chao Krung, and I like it very much. But lately I actually order from Pink Pepper all the way over on La Brea near Hollywood. Not sure where in WH you are so it may be too far, but they come to me and I think it's worth the trip.

          Some other delivery options include:

          Holy Cow
          Bossa Nova

          Pink Pepper Thai Cuisine
          1638 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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            Bossa Nova is currently my favorite delivery option -- depending on which side of WeHo you're in, there's the Bossa Nova on Robertson or the one on Sunset.

        2. Also, just in case you're not familiar with them, there are a few services that deliver food from a variety of "better" restaurants. Not an especially cheap option, but great when you're in the mood.

          I use

          1. Our two local favorites for delivery are Vegan Glory (Beverly & Orlando) and Thai Patio (Third and Fairfax).