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Veritas is Scott Bryan still there?


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    1. Whaaaaat?
      Oh dear! I have a reservation there next Monday.
      I know nothing about the new chef.
      Will the menu change?
      Any knowledgeable Chowies know anything?

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        not sure when he left, it was still good when i ate there about 2 months ago (he might have been gone by then though)...also fyi the menu changes alot anyhow

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          Ed Cotton, a chef from the Daniel Boulud organization will be taking over

        2. i was there in june....did he leave before then? everything was divine.

          1. Scott Bryan was gone as of Sept. 30th. Don't know if the new chef, Ed Cotton, is already there. No doubt he'll be revamping the menu; however, that will take some time though he may tweak things a bit.

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            1. re: RGR

              i have reservations next tuesday...ill give a report.

              ive been there 3x before and i doubt there will be much change. that said, its sad...i personally think that veritas nor bryan get the recognition or the attention they deserve. maybe he left because the whole restaurant scene has been leaving him behind.

              1. re: sam1

                I've always been a big fan of Veritas, but one of the reasons we haven't been back in a long time is that the menu, with the exception of a few seasonal tweaks here and there, seems to have gotten pretty stagnant. It's as though Scott Bryan got bored and was itching to get out. While his cuisine has always been stellar, I'm hoping Ed Cotton will bring some new and interesting elements to the menu.

            2. Well, it will be an interesting experience next Monday to see if this fine restaurant can stand up to the criticism.
              I remember all the negatives that scared me about Gotham Bar and Grill and was I ever happy that I decided to go anyway. The place turned out to be a winner.
              So, I guess we shall see what we shall see...

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                Despite the fact that Scott Bryan has left, I don't think you have much to be concerned about regarding the quality of the cuisine. We have sometimes gone there on a Sunday, when he was off, and because the kitchen staff is like the proverbial well-oiled machine, the food was as stellar as the times we went when he was there. If you have not been to Veritas before, you should, of course, disregard my comment about the lack of change in the menu since it will be new to you.

                Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

                1. re: RGR

                  Thanks RG.
                  I agree.
                  I am looking forward to it.

              2. so, as i mentioned, i went to veritas the other night for dinner...first time without bryan.

                personally, the quality has suffered. not terribly but i definitely noticed a difference in the food right off the bat.

                service...particularly the front people like the maitre'd were the same people as before and as always, top quality. friendly yet ultra professional. my waiter was a bit weird...as if he wasnt up to snuff waiting tables at a place of this caliber but ive also not gelled with waiters before so take that with a grain of salt.

                the wine as usually was outstanding. i had 2 glasses of a cote du rhone that i thought was excellent.

                as for the food, the amuse was a lobster beignette...fried lobster nugget. nice touch for an amuse bouche but you can tell it wasnt bryan right there. he wouldnt do something like that. frankly, it tasted like a piece of good fried shrimp.

                i had the foie gras with huckleberries and the saddle of lamb for an entree. the foie gras from bryan was one of my favorite preperations in the city. this one lacked texture and was simply okay. the lamb was served with an upscale take on indian food with raita and some peppers. i enjoyed it but it was 3 tiny pieces...much less than the previous size i used to remember at veritas. my company had the rabbit lasagna starter which was quite good, the scallops entree which were pretty standard, the short ribs which were quite good, and a forgettable steak entree.

                dessert was meh...i had a chocolate souffle...no one's dessert stood out really.

                all in all, the food quality has deteriorated to some extent in my opinion. maybe i am romanticizing bryan's cooking but there was something more expert in quality. i found my meal lacking that quality. and as they raised the 3 course prix fixe to $82 from $72, this is definitely noticed.

                ill give it another chance...probably on an expense account just in case, but the change is there.

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                1. re: sam1

                  Prix fixe at $82??
                  My prix fixe was $84 without the supplemental addition of $3 for the lobster salad appetizer.
                  In less than 1 week they upped it? Hmmmmm!

                  PS. I apologize for the above.
                  Actually the prix fixe was $82. It was the lobster appetizer supplement that was $6 not $3 as I reported which brought the prix fixe up to $88.
                  Please forgive my error.

                  1. re: idia

                    i saw yr post. i thought it was $82 per person. i was there 2 nights ago.

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                      They just updated the menu on their website yesterday. The cost is now $82, which, btw, is an increase from the previous $76, not $72. It's now the same as the 3-course prix-fixe at Eleven Madison and at Gramercy tavern. (Note: Fleur de Sel's remains at $76 for now.)

                      I also noticed that, while the home page still has Scott Bryan's name on it, they have placed Chef Ed Cotton's name at the bottom of the menu.