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Taqueria Mexico, Coolidge Corner

This place opened on Beacon relatively recently, I believe (there're a number of posts about the Waltham location). I feel I've lost my ability to rate Mexican food on an absolute scale, but on a relative Boston scale it seems quite good. It appears to use all the right ingredients (unlike, say, El Pelon), none of that horribly greasy taste you get in local "mexican" chains, and I enjoyed two meals from there in two days with no regrets. At any rate, I'll stick to the details, and others can evaluate the quality for themselves.

Meal 1: steak, chicken, and tongue tacos, steak torta. beef seemed a bit over-salted/seasoned, but pretty tender. as if to compensate, chicken had almost no flavoring at all (no signs even of being grilled), so it was the weakest of the dishes. tongue was very simple and delicious in its simplicity - just boiled tongue, mmmm... the torta came on long (as opposed to round) bread (which surprised me a little, but perhaps that's as common), but the bread was in fact good. the goopy mess that was inside the bread was tasty, the overseasoned meat aside.

Meal 2: chilaquiles, huevoes rancheros with refried beans and potatoes, beef and potato tostada. chilaquiles had a very nice green salsa and a bit too much cheese for my taste (but that might be just me). they also came with somehow extra-tasty fried onions and peppers and good rice (i know that should be a given, but it really isn't sometimes). rancheros made for a fantastic breakfast-style meal - eggs fried exactly right, decent beans, great home-style fried potatoes. mix it all up and get to work. the tostada was fine - same potatoes, strongly seasoned ground meat.

Overall, definitely deserving of repeat business, IMHO.

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  1. As a southwesterner who regularly bemoans the paucity and overall quality of local Mexican restaurants, Taqueria Mexico's Waltham and Coolidge Corner locations are my standbys. Allstonian and I recently saved what had been an incredibly frustrating day (long story involving a FedEx shipment, customs and a round-trip drive from Newark) with a late and absolutely lovely comfort food meal at the Waltham location.

    However, I don't think I'd known that the Brookline location serves breakfast. Cool!

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      not only that, but they serve it (breakfast) all day long!

    2. I'm from Los Angeles and go back to visit the family once or twice a year and I can tell you that Taqueria Mexico is the closest I've found in the Boston area to the Taqueria trucks and hole-in-the-wall mexican places back home. Its good, cheap, and fast.

      I can't speak more highly of it when it comes to the Mexican food style from the northern Mexico/SoCal region.

      1. I was a big fan when they first opened the Coolidge Corner location, but then the food went downhill so I stopped going for a few months.

        I am now happy to report that it's back to up to respectable standards. Apparently, they had problems with some of their cooks, which is now straightened out. Hopefully, the new guys back there will keep serving good food because I'm a big fan.

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          I was actually quite disappointed in the Waltham location. Everyone talks this place up and I just didn't feel as if it was that great. I definitely feel that a place like Tu Y Yo is much better as far as the quality and taste of the food as well as ambience goes. Maybe I am in the minority here, but i don't know that I would necessarily go back.

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            Apples and oranges comparison, though. Tu y Yo is an upscale, foodie-oriented restaurant with a menu and prices to match. Taqueria Mexico is...well, a taqueria. It's an inexpensive, casual, neighborhood place. Both Mexican, yes, but two entirely different TYPES of Mexican.

            Though personally, I absolutely love the ambiance of the Waltham location, because it reminds me very much of my favorite neighborhood Mexican place when I was in college in New Mexico, right down to the '30s-vintage norteno bands on the stereo.

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            I just went back last night and while the quality was good as I remember from last spring, the prices have gone up substantially - I was operating off the white menu I got in May and noticed things were higher than I anticipated. I had called in a take out order for enchiladas and a Mexican plate. Now I'm in possession of the new (gold paper) take-out menu and some items are 20 % higher, many 10% and few have stayed the same. Fortunately they take plastic. Coolidge Corner is not a cheap place to rent space in and if they had to raise the prices to maintain the quality, I', okay with that. Just an FYI folks.

          3. In addition to the food, make sure to get something to drink. The horchata here is excellent, as are the liquados.

            1. I went friday night and i think it was the most authentic mexican food i have had in the area, other places i have tried were not even close

              1. I love this place. I have been going to the one in Waltham for a year or two now, but without a car its been a struggle to convince my friends with cars to take me there (however once I get them there once its easy to get them to return!) and I couldn't wait for the place to open in Boston. Not only is it great food, but its unbelievably cheap! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT : )

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                  It's an easy trip via commuter rail or bus - the bus especially is a frequent-running route out of Central Square, Cambridge, via Watertown Square.

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                    Oh, we don't have a car either, but it could not possibly be simpler to get to the Waltham branch without a car: Main Street in Waltham is on the 70 bus line, which runs frequently out of Central Square. Just get off at the town square and you're about two blocks from Tacqueria Mexico. Naturally, Beacon Street IS even easier, but the original can be done as well!

                  2. Sadly the Brookline location is no more!

                    it looks like *another* Chinese/Thai place is moving in...

                    I am now mourning the loss of the only good T-accessible Mexican Taqueria in Boston...

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                      Tacos Lupita is T-accessible, if you don't mind a 10 minute walk from Porter. It's not Mexican food made by Mexicans (Salvadorans instead) but it is the source of the best tortas in town.

                      Also Angelas could be considered T-accessible, but it's not quite a Taqueria.

                      1. re: yumyum

                        I'll have to give Tacos Lupita a try. El Pelon is about the same distance to a T-stop, but last I heard it had closed down too (or major remodeling?)

                        Angela's does not seem to really be T-accessible, and even more difficult to drive to.

                        1. re: Nechushtan

                          Angela's is *really* easy to drive to, and a short walk from the T. Search the board and find one of Fredid's place links. That will tell you exactly how to get there on the Blue Line.

                          1. re: yumyum

                            Angela's is not at all diffucult to get to by T - I've been there twice and had never been *anyplace* in East Boston except the airport before my first visit there. Fredid's direction on the "Places" link are excellent.

                            El Pelon was closed after a fire in early December, but has re-opened.

                            1. re: Allstonian

                              Here - place link for Angela's:

                              Angela's Cafe
                              131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

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                                I'll have to try Angela's then, and El Pelon is really close, so I'll have to go now that I know its open. thanks

                            2. re: Nechushtan

                              Angela's is a six block walk from Airport Station. Surely that counts as T-accessible.

                              For that matter, the original Taqueria Mexico in Waltham is easily accessible via the #70 bus from Central Square, which runs quite often.