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Sep 25, 2007 03:34 PM

Two Nights in Orange Beach

Earlier this month I spent two nights in Orange Beach. Since I use these boards to identify places to eat I thought I'd provide a report.

The first night we had dinner at Docs which has been discussed on this board. For those that have read the reviews, heed the advice to arrive early or wait. We arrived a little before five and a couple of minutes later a line had started.

I had a cup of the gumbo and a pound of the steamed royal reds. The gumbo was good as were the royal reds. I thought the garlic butter overwhelmed the sweetness of the shrimp somewhat. I mixed up batch of cocktail sauce that let he shrimp shine. I like the option of making the cocktail to suit your tastes. I also stole a couple of hush puppies from my kids. They were very good also. My wife had the fried shrimp and gave it a thumbs up.

The second night we went to the Perdido Key Oyster Bar. Technically this is in Florida but it's not too far from Orange Beach. The restaurant is on the second floor with a wrap around porch. We sat out on the porch from where we could see the intercoastal. The view wasn't as nice as the gulf but the prices weren't as high either.

I started with a cup of gumbo again. It may be my palette but I preferred the Perdido gumbo over Docs. Both were good though. I also had the fried fish and shrimp. The fish was flounder. It had light breading and was cooked correctly. Very good. The shrimp were good too. I had my own hush puppies this time. They had a little too much green pepper which was about the only thing I could tatse. My wife had the fried shrimp again. Her vote was for Docs on a head to head basis.

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  1. Thanks for posting your experiences, made me wish I was at the beach again. My husband thinks Docs is the best place for fried shrimp in the area. On your next trip, you might want to try Cosmo''s just down the road from Docs. (Completely different atmosphere and food, but a great stop.) I love their crab claw appetizer with bbq cream sauce.

    1. Did you go the original Doc's or the newer one in Sawgrass Landing in Gulf Shores? I think the original is better. Good rec from Review Lady on Cosmo's. Another place not far from Perdido Oyster Bar is The Original Point. Real dump, but the fish dishes are excellent.