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Sep 25, 2007 03:33 PM

Rold Gold Pretzels hard to find in San Francisco?

OK, so is it me, or are Rold Gold pretzels suddenly very hard to find in San Francisco? I live in Cole Valley, and used to be able to get them at any number of small convenience stores (even just a small bag, if a large one wasn't available). Lately, however... I can't find ANY SIZE bag in ANY convenience store in my area! In fact, the only place that seems to carry them in the city anymore is Safeway. ...and I don't even shop at Safeway (I'm a bit more of a Trader Joe's/Whole Foods sort of person. Rold Gold is my only foray into the nationally-distributed, mainstream brands. And I do that because I've tried all the rest, and genuinely like these better). So, if there is some sort of distribution problem (with Frito-Lay products? I would find that hard to believe!), or perhaps some sort of quiet boycott among shop owners, could someone please clue me in? I'm taking to going out of my way to go to Safeway, and buy this one item. And it seems a bit ridiculous. I'm just curious.


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  1. As A Frito Lay route salesman I guess I am qualified to answer your question. #1, there is no problem with availability. The reason you can't get them easily at convenience stores is due to a lack of space. The drivers don't put in the larger bags as they are not the fastest sellers. They should be available in the .99 bags and I suggest you asking the store owner to make sure the driver puts some on the shelf. Better than that, tell me what store you shop at and I will tell the driver.

    As for the major stores, they all should have Rold Gold. That includes Safeway, Lucky, Cala, and all the mid size stores, Mollie stone, Cal Mart.

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      Thanks for the speedy reply. Very informative. My local shop is Parkview Market. The address is as follows (got this info from Yelp):

      501 Frederick Street
      (between Stanyan St & Willard St)
      San Francisco, CA 94117
      (415) 681-1338

      Thank you once again. I do appreciate it.