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Sep 25, 2007 03:22 PM

Butchers selling breakfast sausage?

Hi all,

I'm wildly craving a good breakfast sausage, but due to a health condition, I can't tolerate MSG, and even the sausage sold at stores such as the Big Carrot contains it.

Does anyone know of any butchers in TO that make their own? At least then I can call and ask if they use it.

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  1. Rowe farms do a kick-ass maple breakfast sausage. I know it's sold on Saturday's north market at SLM. I thought they were also sold at the Carrot Common and would be shocked if they contained added MSG.

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    1. re: leslievillian

      I buy their bacon (which is delicious - thick cut and high quality, although perhaps slightly lacking in salt) all the time from the Big Carrot, but I don't think I've seen any Rowe Farms breakfast sausages there. Looks like I'll be heading to SLM to get some this weekend!

    2. I was at the Healthy Butcher (Queen West) on Sunday, and they have a crazy collection of sausage... elk, bison... and mixed with wondrous thinks like blueberries, or cranberries, cheese and pear... lots of amazing options.

      I don't know for sure, but I suspect that much, if not all, of this stuff is made locally, and that the HB could tell you or find out what exactly is going into these products. I doubt these small producers are using many additives, so you may find what you're craving.

      (we were on a Beef Burgundy mission, so I haven't tried anything yet, but I'll be back for sausage!!).

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        Add me as a hip-hip-hooray for the Healthy Butcher breakfast sausages (well, all of their sausages, really). They have a strawberry-flavoured sausage that's to die for - very subtle sweetness, just right to go with pancakes or waffles.

      2. Fresh From the Farm sells a yummy breakfast sausage made by local Mennonite Farmers. It's very lean and I would be surprised if it contained MSG. But I'm sure that they could put you in contact with the farmers that make it and you could find out directly.

        BTW, I've started making my own breakfast sausage, using my Kitchen Aid meat grinder. So good, and total control over the ingredients! Post over on the home cooking board if you want recipes. :)

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          I'm with you! I make my own at home too...nothing beats 'em. I make mine like pork mini-burgers and gril them in a cast iron skillet.

        2. Can second the recommendation of both Fresh from the Farm and Rowe Farms. Have 2 packs of the Rowe Farms maple breakfast sausage in my fridge right now. :-)

          1. If you are looking for British style breakfast sausage, the best I have ever had come from Allen's Scottish Butchers on Weston Road. No others have come close, seriously.

            If you are looking for a "surprise" sausage to serve guests who have overstayed their welcome, they also make a haggis sausage. (they are likely the largest haggis supplier in the GTA)

            They also have some very nice styles of bacon as well.

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