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Sep 25, 2007 03:16 PM

Help! Where to get a great steak in Santa Fe???

Where would be the best place to get a good ol red meat dinner in santa fe? Something with a good selection (not outback) and price isnt an issue. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, were finding that Santa Fe isnt much of a beef-eating city, but my Father is a meat eater.

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  1. Well, this probably isnt the answer you are looking for, and it's hard to believe that anyone would go there for anything besides the green chile cheeseburger. But the steaks I saw being served at Bobcat Bite looked awfully good.

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      Would you happen to know of a fancier place? My boyfriend really is feeling the need to wear a suit...and i have to admit that getting all dolled up does sound like fun, since we live down in Cruces theres really no need for any of that dressy stuff and would like to go out with the family somewhere nice when were there...

    2. It's not just a steak place, but the Old House in the Eldorado hotel does meat very well. And they always have some game, too - maybe a buffalo tenderloin might be interesting too. Not sure how good since Chef Rios left . . . he did, right?

      Also there is the Rio Chama steakhouse, near the Roundhouse. It's pretty good, but predictable. Not sure it's suit-worthy either. The Bull Ring might be interesting too. All the mainstays (Geronimo, Compound, etc) have a beef cut of some kind, usually.

      Lastly, I was always impressed with the meats at Tulips. Usually a tenderloin cut too. Interesting that there aren't many T-Bone/Ribeye cuts served around The City Different.

      If you really want that type of steak, I'd suggest Rio Chama or the Bull Ring.

      1. Steaksmith at El Gancho would be my choice (they've been grilling meat for three decades). It's a very comfortable, local hangout with good quality meat, at a fair price, They always cook my steak to the perfect rare, which has been a problem for me when ordering steak, at several high end places in town.

        1. Fuego at La Posada serves a great Cote de Boeuf and has a grade 8 kobe on the menu as well and merits a suit. Other wise Rio Chama is a safe bet

          1. The Compound has a filet mignon that is amazing. And I can vouch for the ribeye at Bobcat Bite.

            There aren't many suit-required places in Santa Fe...