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Sep 25, 2007 02:58 PM

Stay away from "The Buttery" ( Niagara on the Lake)

Last Sunday we went for lunch at "The Buttery" in Niagara on the Lake. I should have known better than to pick a restaurant because it looked "cute" from the outside....

We were one of the first to arrive for lunch, and placed our order. We watched as people around us who had arrived way after us were getting served first. We felt obligated to stay, as we had already received our drinks. After about an hour, we approached our waiter and asked how much longer it would be until we were served, as we had noticed that patrons around as had already recieved their lunches. He was annoyed, and short with us, instead of apologetic.

When the food finally arrived it was cold and tasteless. I barely touched mine. When he returned to clear our plates, I told him that some of our dinners were cold. His response was "Oh, yeah?"

When he returned with the bill, he slapped it on our table saying nothing and walked away. We hope he enjoyed his one cent tip.

After the dinner, two of us had "gastro issues" from our lunch to top it all off.

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  1. waiter was probably a crabby out of work actor! All the restos in NOL are "cute" Time has passed th eplace by.

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    1. re: Danybear

      Never thought of that! I guess the Shaw Festival is winding down...

      I forgot to mention that we ate on the patio, and good thing too...because the inside was dirty and smelled slightly of urine.

      1. re: starvin

        Buttery used to be one of the it" places n Niagara on the Lake about 25 years ago. Now a days, it's basically just an over priced tourist trap. Avoid at all costs.

    2. Next time go to the Olde Angel Inn.


      1. I haven't been there in several years, but we really enjoyed our lunches there. We sat inside, and watched squirrels playing in the garden outside, as classical music played softly. Had homemade scotch broth one time, and lobster sandwich another time. Both were good. The soup especially, as I was unwell, and it helped me feel better. I think the other times we had tea and dessert. Anyways, it was clean and had good service. I guess it was about 10 years ago though. You should have complained to the manager, or walked out.