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Sep 25, 2007 02:20 PM

best bets in/around Auburn

We are hitting the Auburn Fall Home Show this weekend and would like to have both lunch and dinner in the area. I am aware that they have a great Saturday famer's market by the courthouse. Cheap or fancy...but Chowish, please...perhaps a place to stay, as well. Suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. In addition to Le Bilig that Sacto_Daimler mentioned in another thread, I've had these two on my list to try having seen some good comments on this board.

    138 Maple St.

    Carpe Vino - wines at retail, 20 seat restaurant

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    1. re: PolarBear

      I've had a couple of truly amazing meals at Carpe Vino. The place is small, and the volume level in the room can be a bit loud. That noted, the food is first rate, and the wine pricing is $5 over retail.

      Carpe Vino
      1568 Lincoln Way, Auburn

      A few other places that I can recommend - without hesitation - are Katrina's and the Auburn Ale House.

      Katrina's is very Chowish. They are open for breakfast and lunch. Great omlettes and sandwiches. High quality and generous portions.

      The Auburn Ale House is a brew pub. Reasonable prices and generous food portions. Love their blackened chicken sandwich, stuffed peppers, and jambalya. Their beer is well crafted, made onsite, and in multiple styles.

      456 Grass Valley Hwy , Auburn, CA

      Auburn Ale House
      289 Washington St , Auburn, CA

      1. re: dafish

        Stuffed peppers? I LOVE stuffed peppers. You can hardly ever find great ones. Plus, being a brew pub, Auburn Ale house sounds good.

        I have also heard of Latitudes, but had forgotten about it. Anyone been lately?

        1. re: jennyfur

          We went to the Auburn Ale House. Had the flight of 7 beers. Had the deep fried pickles...SO good! Pilsner, lager, Oktoberfest, pale ale, India pale ale, brown, stout...nice. Also, the owner gave us a sample of hard apple cider and a concoction called "Black Velvet", consisting of hard apple cider and stout. Goodness. Ummmmmmm....

          Very good food...yummy deep fried pickles and a special of pasta and shrimp with tomatoes and

          1. re: jennyfur

            Glad to hear that you had a great time. Brian, the brewmaster/partner, is a veritable prince. Curious if you sat at the bar? My experience is that it has a friendly vibe, with great bartenders.

            1. re: dafish

              Yes, we sat at the bar. Yes...we sat next to Brian. He and Mark were great hosts. Very friendly place. Maybe they can branch out to Natomas!

    2. I've had good meals at both Monkey Cat and Latitudes. I've also heard that Awful Annie's is good.

      1. Hi! Where did you end up staying while in Auburn?