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Sep 25, 2007 01:39 PM

Where to Have Girlfriends B-day

I'm taking my girlfriend to Wicked (musical) at 2pm on a Sat in Oct for her Birthday (she'll be 26). Then meeting up with her parents for a drink at Intermission Tavern. I would like to have all of our friends waiting at a good place for Drinks, Apps (possibly dinner), Music, Pool, whatever, just close by (theartre district). Is there any place that offers a free private room, or someplace not too clubby with good food, but big enough for a lot of heads (30ish) to meet? I'm dumb and lame, please help.

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  1. I'll suggest Jacob Wirths, one of the oldest restaurants in the city (pre-1900) with great atmosphere and German beers. It's big enough, you might be able to reserve part of the restaurant but they don't have a private room that I know of. The food gets mixed reviews, they have German and more typical bar food, I like it for the German food (there just aren't any other places for this) and for the reasons mentioned above. Stop by and see how you like it.

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      Beantown Pub on Tremont might be your spot. Good beer, pool, large space though I have never eaten there.

    2. If you're intent on pool, that wil certainly limit things to a place like the aforementioned Beantown Pub. Good Life could probably handle a large crowd. Or that new Kingston Place restaurant but that's an unknown quantity. Vinalia would have space. Gypsy Bar wouldn't be too clubby early in the nite and I actually had some okay bites at a party there.

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        Good Life is a great suggestion. I don't think that they get a huge crowd early on the weekends, so I bet they could accomodate you. They also have a great dinner menu (tuna tartare, and the mac&cheese w/foie gras are great), and an excellent Vodka bar.