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Sep 25, 2007 12:48 PM

Dinner near the Kanc

My wife and I are going to cruise the Kancamangus highway this weekend and look at the sights -- probably with our 1.2 million New England neighbors, but that's a topic for another board. We're looking for some good food for dinner afterward. It can be near either end of the highway -- that is to say, Conway or Lincoln, NH -- or if it's really, really great, a destination restaurant between Lincoln and Worcester, MA (home). Picnic dinner is an option if you know a place with good cheese and charcuterie. Any ideas?

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  1. Charcuterie, it ain't - but we had a nice meal at The Common Man in Lincoln about two years ago: For what its worth, though, they do have a sort of free cheese and cracker buffet in the bar area. It's not worth a major detour, but it beats fast food!

    1. Surely there are more ideas? Will watch for more answers. But a tip for the ride home on Rt 93. Traffic usually backups due to the Hooksett tollbooth and influx of traffic from Rt 89. If you get off Rt 93 at exit 20 (Tilton outlet mall) and head south on Rt 3 you will go thru Franklin NH where there's a really good hole in the wall Thai Restaurant right on Main St next to the Opera House. It will be on your right headed south. After dinner stay on Rt 3. You can reconnect with Rt 93 at exit 17. If you don't like Thai, there's a new barbecue place with outdoor eating (actually I think they've opened a dining room) in Boscawen near Exit 17. They've been in business longer than this new place doing barbecue on the NASCAR circuit. I like the brisket. My son says the sampler plate is enough for two. The brisket always lasts me for two meals. Very good cole slaw, not your usual take-out pre-made stuff. If traffic is backed up on Rt 93 you can stay on Rt 3 and drive into Penacook. Former mill town still down on its luck but there's a small local restaurant called Chief's that has great thin crust pizza, decent seafood, and some Greek dishes. Like most local restaurants in the Concord NH area it is run by Greeks. This road is called Fisherville Rd and will take you into Concord NH. If traffic still looks backed up drive thru downtown Concord and followed Main Street to South Main (you have to turn to the right at MacDonalds) and this becomes Rt 3A. If you stay on this it will avoid the Hooksett toll booth. The road runs along the west side of the Merrimack River and eventually comes out in Manchester near Exit 6 Rt 293. It will also take you by Merrivale's Ice Cream which makes their own ice cream. They should have Indian Pudding ice cream on the menu and other fall flavors. I love their Frozen Pudding.
      Good luck with the traffic!

      1. Lincoln is a depressing place--the road into town from the Kanc is a featureless array of strip malls that probably inspired Joni Mitchell to write that song about paving paradise. If you proceed through Lincoln to North Woodstock the Woodstock Inn Station and Brewery is nice--not a super gourmet place, but pleasant surroundings, good brews and better than average food in a cute town.