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Noodle House in Van

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Just saw an episode of Glutton for Punishment, featuring hand made noodles, and the guy he was learning from was in Vancouver chinatown.

Does anyone know where they are? I would love to try those--we were drooling watching this episode!

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  1. I didn't see the show, but there is a Taiwanese noodle place on the south side of Granville Street that has awesome Taiwanese noodles.

    Taiwan Beef Noodle House
    8390 Granville Street, Vancouver
    Tel: 604-266-7966

    I think they're open 24 hrs as well. Service could be better, but the food was good.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, when we were there they did say they were hand made.

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      Hi taiphun, would love to hear more about your experience(s) here, as I have a friend who just absolutely raves about this place, but I've been reading a lot of horrible comments (especially about the service) on other boards, and would love to hear a Chowhound summary...

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        Agreed! My cousin lives near Granville Street and is forever heaping praises on this place, but I haven't been yet. I have a trip in the spring to Vancouver, and would love to hear a little more from a slightly more impartial source.

    2. I watched this episode a while back, and I could be wrong, but I think Bob was training at Legendary Noodle.

      1074 Denman St., West End, 604-669-8551;
      4191 Main St., South Main, 604-879-8758;
      1300-4540 No. 3 Road, Richmond, 604-207-9226

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        YOu are correct, he was at the Denman location for this show.

      2. There are also 2 places around Broadway + Cambie area almost next door to eachother. Sha Lin Noodle House is the oldest of the 2, perhaps in the city.