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Sep 25, 2007 12:40 PM

Best Drinks and Apps

My girlfriend is visiting DC next week and I need to show her enough to make her want to move out here next year. Any ideas on really great chill lounges/restaurants that have great appetizers and good drink selection? Or places with just really great atmosphere in general to hang out for a while? Thanks.

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  1. I think it depends what type of vibe your girlfriend is in to.

    But I really love PS7. The drinks are great, they have a nice wine list, and the food is really, really good. The restaurant itself has a chic, laid back atmosphere and I find the menu to be playful and creative.

    Other places she might enjoy (depending on where she is coming from of course) would be tapas at either Jaleo or Taberna del Alberdero. Drinks and some appetizers at Cafe Atlantico. In general the Gallery Place/Chinatown/Penn Quarter area has a lot to offer.

    You can get beer and mini burgers at the bar at Matchbox, cheese and wine at Proof, the tuna tartar and a martini at Zola. Lots to offer in the area.

    Or you can take her to U Street, which is pretty cool. Creme, Chi Cha Lounge (haven't had the food before though), pizza and wine at Coppi's, Cafe St. Ex (they had a great gnocchi appetizer the last time I was there).

    And finally if she is into raw fish I would certainly go to Hook and get a glass of wine or prosecco and some crudo. I also hear their calamari is outstanding. After drinks you can check out the chic bar at the Ritz in Georgetown called Degrees (They also serve food. And while I haven't tried it, the dishes look quite good.)

    1. Yeah if she is into trendy/scene type places I would recommend: Zaytinya, Oya, Proof, Central has great apps, Tenpenh has great drinks and apps.

      If she is into beer def go to Brasserie Beck they have good apps and wonderful beer. Zola is also more laid back.

      Urbana has a pretty good bar scene, but I have never had apps there.

      Hook is definately an in spot right now with very good food.

      Also firefly is kind of fun.

      Tallula's next door Eat Bar is pretty interesting you might want to check it out. Pretty laid back. It is in Nova.

      Then there is classic washington? I don't know that you would want that.

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        My favorite thing about TenPehn's drinks is the little pink elephant they give you with the drink. It's been at least 2 years since I've been there though so I don't know if they still do that.

        Also other ideas would be to take her up to the Hill to see the Capitol and then grab appetizers/small plates and wine at Sonoma.

      2. Ixia on Charles - fabulous "cocktails" and really wonderful apps; great bar & perfect lounge for canoodling!

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          i think Ixia is a little schlep from DC??