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Sep 25, 2007 12:39 PM

2 restaurants close in Branford, CT

I was disappointed to see that "The Cookhouse" in Branford has closed. It wasn't fancy but was a fun place to go and we enjoyed the brisket and pulled pork (both very good) and other menu items. There were other things there I wanted to try. Sadly I won't be able to.

Auberge D' Asie (Vietnamese) has also closed. When the first owners ran it, the food was excellent. With the second owners, it was still very good and I was planning to go back soon. I was just there a month ago. Looks like an Italian restaurant is going in there - like the shoreline doesn't need another Italian restaurant since there are some wonderful ones here already.

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  1. wow the cookhouse wasn't bad but it seemed to be empty the few times I was there at lunch.

    Any idea what's going in the space?

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      Re: The Cookhouse - I only went there in the evening and there was always a good amount of people there. I don't know what will go into the space. I'd like to see a restaurant that has good fried chicken! I don't like Popeyes. I do like KFC but I'd like to see a nice sit-down restaurant with good fried chicken on the shoreline.

    2. I have to weigh in on the Cookhouse and it's Branford location. To start, I have to admit I was the first to welcome this opening as I had previously enjoyed and went far out of my way to go to their New Milford restaurant as I felt they truly could be considered "CT's Best BBQ". Even after allowing them time to "work out the kinks" I had been nothing short of extremely disappointed each & every time I went there. From "soup to nuts" everything seemed a far cry from what I remembered before their re-opening in New Milford(after an unfortunate fire a couple of years back). Short cuts being taken? Expanding a bit too fast? Who knows. Their "rubs" seemed inferior and the overall quality of food once served there was but a memory, the side dishes were a shell of what they once were, & it seemed this was an "entity" in an all-fired hurry to expand( & possibly franchise?) without regard for the very-good food they once served. In all, it's too bad as I would have liked nothing more than to enjoy what was once one of CT's better BBQ spots. Of course, this is just one Chowhound's humble opinion.

      1. If you want really good BBQ in Branford, try The Rib House. Much better ribs than the Cookhouse.