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Sep 25, 2007 12:34 PM

Bottom-Freezer French Door Refrigerator?

We are planning to update our kitchen with granite and stainless appliances. We are looking at refrigerators and we are trying to decide between a traditional Side-by-Side or a Bottom-Freezer version with French Doors. I defnitely like the look of the french doors! I have been told that I should be getting the Bottom-Freezer because 'that's what everyone is getting these days'. We are trying to standardize all of our appliances and we will probably go with the GE Profile line. I have been told that we should probably go with a Counter-depth version, so that it looks like it is built-in. The problem that I see is the GE Profile one of that size only has a water dispenser in the door and not an ice dispenser. We have an extra refrigerator and freezer in our garage, so I really am not concerned with the limited freezer space.

I am new to Chowhound, so if this is a question that is frequently asked, please direct me to the correct topic.

Thanks so much for any input!

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  1. We used to have a side-by-side and didn't like it b/c we lost fridge space. Side by sides are also difficult to use when you have long platters of food that need refrigerating. We got a Maytag French door/freezer on the bottom counter depth fridge and have been happy with it. It has an icemaker in the freezer and water dispenser inside the fridge door. We did lose some freezer space but it hasn't been a big issue. If you have a freezer in your garage, you'll be fine.

    1. http://www.chow.com/topics/313460 is a recent thread regarding french door refrigerators. We have had an Amana regular depth for a year now, and love its convenience and ease of use. Ours has the inside ice tray and water dispenser, which is fine for the two of us and looks nicer on the outside IMO. Side-by-sides seem so awkward to me now.

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        Hello, Bramble. I was the original poster on the thread that you cited from last year; it took us awhile to decide!

        Eventually, about 5 months ago we bought the KitchenAid French Door Model with the Bottom Freezer. The water dispenser is just inside the left door, and the ice maker is in the freezer. So far -- though still considerably new -- we are managing. The space is a little "funny" to get used to after having had a huge-ish side-by-side, but we are learning its ways. My major complaint is that the configuration does not permit a lot of tall storage space for juices and milks and oils, etc.

        We do have another full fridge in our garage, without which we would be very wanting for cold storage space. The new KA French Door is just not as spacious or well designed for space as our 20-year-old GE.

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          Hello, liu! I think our Amana is identical to your Kitchenaid, just different labels on the front. What we did was remove one of the inside shelves to provide more tall storage. We also like the door bins.

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            Bramble -- Yes, I am pretty sure you are correct about our identical fridges just being labeled differently.

            We, too, like the door storage bins, but mine are pretty jammed with milk and green tea and barley tea and apple cider and canola oil and ...
            I do cringe at even the thought of losing a shelf, but I will re-think the loss/gain on this idea. As you have noted, perhaps taking out one shelf will ease our tall use. Thanks for your timely suggestion.