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Sep 25, 2007 12:29 PM

El Charro - Tucson - group dinner questions

Has anyone had a group dinner at the original El Charro? We're thinking about going there with a group of 30 people and are curious about the setting (wine cellar perhaps?) and service for that size group.


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  1. Certainly not a wine cellar... It's not a wine cellar sort of restaurant. They do have a largish back room which I've had group meals in before. The service was pretty good, for a large group, but it was not up to their highest quality, which is not unexpected. Their bar service was excellent for our group, and the wait staff was attentive, but the kitchen had a bit of trouble keeping up, and our meals came out pretty staggered.

    Your best bet to find out about seating would be to give them a call: (520) 622-1922

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      Thanks - their website refers to "the wine cellar" as a group option. I've never seen that when I've been there so perhaps this is just the back room you refer to.

      1. re: hans

        Thanks for clarifying the source of the "wine cellar" part of the inquiry. Wine and El Charro do not seem like cozy neighbors!

        1. re: hans

          I will definitely have to check out their website. Probably just a joke on the part of the owner... but who knows, maybe they have a secret stash.