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Sep 25, 2007 12:27 PM

San Diego Breakfast and Dinner

I’m going to be working for three days in San Diego in a few weeks and I want to find a good place to eat breakfast and dinner. This will be a working trip and so I’m not looking for fine dining, I just want good food relatively close to my hotel (within a few miles). We’ll be staying by Mira Mesa Blvd and the 805 (North-West of the Miramar Air Station). I’ll eat anything, but my co-worker is a big baby and isn’t too adventurous so I’m thinking steaks and American style diner fare. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. A couple of suggestions for breakfast:

    Also Miramar cafe (on Miramar) is a very casual place for b'fast.

    There is a Karl Strauss right where you will be staying (805 and Mira Mesa) which is good for dinner or lunch. Also has a good brunch (or so I am told).

    For fine dining the Wine Sellar and Brasserie is just down the street. Very nice restaurant.

    You will be very close to univeristy town center so you could also look at Donnovan's or Flemmings steakhouse. Oh and Roy's is pretty good.

    Lots of choices obviously!

    Good luck.

    1. Mimi's Cafe, I find is excellent for breakfast..they have a pan perdu along with eggs, sausage and juice for around $7..
      They have a location in Mira Mesa..
      I hear that the Studio diner is excellent that Stu owns.
      Dinner, I would go to somewhere in La Jolla/Del Mar..Ruth's Chris is off the 5 and Carmel Valley/Del Mar...possible Donovan's in LJ Village Drive/5..couple a minutes away from the hotel.

      1. Thanks for the recs. The Studio Diner looks great.
        I'm not a fan of chains, but Mimis has proven reliable when I'm on the road (I had a turkey dinner there that was the best I've ever had). Good to know they are close.
        I think I'll try Donovan's or Roys first though.
        Thanks again!

        1. University Town Center is a large mall with food court, but nex to the mall across street and a signal light south from the Sears) is a small mall with a teensy place called "Wired" is French walk up, order, pay and they bring it out to you...the pastries are wonderfully fresh and delicious, as are the omelets as far as breakfast goes.