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Sep 25, 2007 12:12 PM

Denver Downtown Beers?

Hi all... I travel to Denver pretty much every week on business, and also happen to be a bit of a beersnob. I know that Denver has its fair share of microbrew culture, and there must be some great places to try beers in the Denver downtown area. What I'm looking for is a place that has lots of different beers that I can sample on tap. I'll try to hit the Flying Dog and Great Divide breweries on seperate trips, but what I really need is a bar/pub with a stellar beer selection. Does such an animal exist in the downtown area?

If it helps, I stay at the Marriott City Center on 17th and California.


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  1. I think one of the best places for variety of beers is Falling Tap. It is in "LoDo" but within walking distance - you might want to take the 16th street mall shuttle to save a few blocks.

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      1. The other replies pretty much have it down for your choices. Old Chicago has the most extensive beer selection. If you want to expand your horizons a little, then head over to Pint's Pub at Bannock & Cherokee. They have a few of their own homebrews in the mostly English tradition. But, the best is their selection of 200+ Scotch Whiskys. A fine place to go with a designated driver, taxi, towncar or if you're walking!

        1. Go to Wynkoop. Try the chili beer. This is a chili beer unlike all chilibeers. It tastes and smells like ROASTED GREEN CHILIS! Must be tried to believe. And their other beer is great too. Nice stout.

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            Callmijane, thanks for mentioning the Chile Beer! I took an out of town friend there last night and finally got a chance to try it and it was amazing. I can't believe how much it smelled like roasting hatch green chile and it had the flavor perfectly without burning your mouth with spice. Wow!

          2. Falling Rock is my favorite. Not just a large selection, but really good stuff.

            Wynkoop is my favorite of the brewpubs, best beer of the bunch IMHO. If you like good beer, I'd suggest skipping Rock Bottom; they really don't have anything distinguished.