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Sep 25, 2007 12:01 PM

Sripraphai - Your Favorite Dish(es)

With only hours to go before cutting out of work and heading out to Woodside to enjoy a lovely Thai dinner, I was wondering what the favorite dishes of some of the resident CHs were!

For me, no visit to Sripaphai would be complete without:

Papaya Salad
Fried Boneless Pickled Pork Spare Ribs
Roast Pork Chili Basil (C17)
Whole Fried Fish
Coconut or Lychee Ice Cream

With a trip to Thailand on the horizon in November, I've made a point during my last few visits to Srip of trying some new dishes that I've never had before. To varying results...and to be honest, nothing that I'd come out and order again:

Fried Pork w/Chinese Brocolli (greasy and bland)
Some sort of Catfish chunky curry (tasty, but too many bones in that there catfish to make it a fun eating experience!)
Chicken with Pineapple (this was very chinese-food esque...very unremarkable...hey, it was the waitresses recommendation)

So chime in here y'all, and share your favorite dishes for the mutual benefit of the CH community!

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  1. The Massaman Curry is good. Not good enough to get regularly (too much to try!), but good enough to have changed my notion of what Massaman Curry was supposed to be.

    For dessert, I've sometimes had a "Palm Sundae" with coconut sticky rice, coconut ice cream, peanuts, palm nuts, a sort of white coconut syrup, and maybe a little toasted shaved coconut. Amazing.

    1. I LOVE the ground meat with chili and basil -- I choose pork, and get it with their amazing coconut rice.

      1. I love the chu-chee curry, which is a dry-ish non-coconut milk curry. I get it with tilapia filet, fried. And coconut rice, you gotta eat it with coconut rice. I always get the green mango salad too.

        Unfortunately, I get SEVERE and DISABLING intestinal cramps from the curry, but it might be worth it.

        1. Penang curry is great and of course the beef yum/salad. The softshell crab salad w/papaya is great too.

          1. I am shocked and dismayed that someone said that the Massaman Curry was anything less than sublime. Let's not forget the stellar green curry variations, and a perenial favorite: the sauteed pork with string beans (a dry curry with no coconut milk, very underated). And of course one of their greatest dishes: fried chinese watercress with chicken and squid. Anyone who does not like these dishes must be directly confronted and accused of a less than sincere position. HA!

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            1. re: NYJewboy

              Sorry; I worded my response incorrectly. In nominating the Massaman Curry for special mention in a thread about favorites at Sripraphai, I certainly intended to suggest sublimity, if that's the word I'm looking for. However, I've only been there about a dozen times, and I merely meant to say that, as good as the curry was, it was not so good that I am driven reorder it every time. I am still exploring their vast menu, and I have a long way to go. Rough life, right?

              1. re: ratatosk

                I love the fact that it even comes up. Isn't Chowhound great? Where else could 'sublimity' be seriously mentioned in relation to spiced chicken?

              2. re: NYJewboy

                Not to shock and dismay you, but i don't think the massaman curry at sri is particularly good. i admit to not being a big fan of massaman curry in general (i like my thai food thai and my indian food indian--go ahead, give me grief for that inaccurate throw away line) but the couple of times i have had massaman at sri i wasn't blown away. but then, i don't like the green curry there much either, and other people rave about it.

                what we like to order:

                the fried watercress app
                the softshell crab with green mango sauce
                the pork, peanut, and ginger salad
                the pork with string bean curry or the penang curry (the two best curries imho, besides the southern, which i like but rarely order because most of the time i'm eating with people who can't take the heat)
                drunken noodles (my son's fav)
                chicken with cahsews (but you have ask for it spicy spicy)
                the larb
                tom kha gai (i'm the only one who likes this, so i usually get it to go and eat it the next day. if you like this soup, i think sri's version is delicious)
                chicken with ginger and scallions (sometimes)
                the fish cakes

                There are others but i can't think of them at the moment.

                Uberchef, you are going to have a great time eating in thailand. Like italy, it is one of the great eating countries of the world. I go every year or so to visit my family and literally start planning my meals (and salivating about them) a couple of weeks before getting on the plane.

                1. re: missmasala

                  NOTE TO ALL CHOWHOUNDS: always listen to missmasala. Her suggestions have never steered me wrong yet.