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Sep 25, 2007 11:48 AM

Any good Thai food places near Culver City?

I used to goto this place called Thai Thai BBQ on washington blvd. It was the best thai food place I have ever ate at. It is now Santa Maria BBQ. Does anyone know a comparable spot. I have tried other places in the area including thai thai original bbq on venice, emerald thai, thai dishes, and thai boom. Not nearly as good. Thai boom would be the best I tried so far

Let me know. Thx

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  1. Natalie Thai on Venice is pretty good.

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    1. re: Obessed

      Natalee is to Thai food what Electric Lotus is to Indian.

    2. the most highly touted (on this board) Thai in that area is Thai boom on Venice Blvd.

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      1. re: Mateo R

        Thai Boom is FANTASTIC!!!! Must try the Thai Sausage.

      2. Thai Boom is bad and Natalee Thai is mediocre. I haven't had good Thai food in Culver City. There are some good Indonesian places on National and Motor that are pretty good though

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          OK, I have tried to butt out of the recent Thai Boom discussions because I didn't want to seem like a shrill shill, but "Thai Boom is bad and Natalee Thai is mediocre" got to me. I have not had anything of note from Natalee, so maybe it is mediocre (I would incline towards just too blah to bother with), but Thai Boom is bad??? Bad? Really?

          I ordered delivery from them last night. We had:
          red bean curry with fishballs
          yellow curry fried rice with crab
          fried tofu with thai basil
          som tum

          All of those dishes were pretty excellent, and the rice was especially good. We did ask for extra bai grapao to make the fried tofu dish more flavorful, but otherwise, the high quality is just what Thai Boom serves. The fishballs are firm and tasty, the curry, while not radical, is not a typical one for West LA/Culver City/Santa Monica, the som tum was medium spciy and the papaya was zesty with citrus. Just a good meal.

          I have yet to find any other Westside place north of Ayara worth the effort. So, if you ask me, Thai Boom is about it in the Culver City area. Expand to Westchester and you get Ayara and that about covers the Thai food I am happy eating on the Westside.

          1. re: igj

            I know that Thai Boom is the darling of WLA Chowhounders, and because of that I went there a couple of times for lunch, and it really is mediocre. Sorry.

        2. Tuk Tuk is pretty solid; it's on Pico right around Robertson.

          1. Melanee Thai is excellent. Not quite Culver City but not too far either.

            Melanee Thai
            9562 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035