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Sep 25, 2007 11:42 AM

Recommendations for a fun dinner event?

I want to take a date somewhere fun, where the dinner itself is an event. I'm not sure he'd be as interested in "Dinner Theater" as much as he would be in say a fun jazz band, blues, a festival- some kind of show like that.

I read really mixed reviews about El Cid and the Flamenco show and I of course know about the House of Blues. I was just curious to see if there was some funky hidden gem out there that would make for a memorable evening.

Thank you!

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  1. It's cheesy as all get out, but I love the Greek family style dinners at Papa Christo on Thursday nights. Dinner and a Movie at Cinespace is fun too.

    1. Dar Mahgrub - eat with your hands and hot belly dancers.

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        Only 1 item at Dar Mahgrub was worth it...
        ...and that's the tea that comes with the dessert... it's the best thing there.
        The belly dancers...are you kidding, my date (a 6ft tall, 155lb guy was sexier than the ladies dancing there...a couple og guys tipped him when he got up to dance with one of the girls.) I know a good belly dancer when I see one and the ones on the Friday night that we went were low-rent...the good ones are dancing at good clubs or big events on the weekend.
        I wasn't a fan of the food...bland.

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          I prefer Moun of Tunis to Dar Mahgreb.

          Try Thai Elvis at the Palms Thai(is he there?)

          Picania for Brazilian BBQ. No show, but who can beat men in poofy pants parading around with big skewers of all you can eat meat?

          Carmine's II has a rat pack feel and live jazz sometimes...don't know about the food.

          The Bank Heist in North hollywood has live music, but I've never been.

          My favorite dining/entertainment venue is the Hollywood bowl. Get tickets to a good show, pack or get a packed picnic and there you go!

          There's the Dresden Lounge where that lovely old couple sing. Hokey, and funky fun.

          Jazz at Spazio in Sherman oaks

          Sushi 4 on 6 used to have a live jazz band once a them and find out if they still do. Good Sushi and Jazz!
          Tel: (818) 501 – 7191

        2. Vibrato near the top of Beverly Glen is probably the best Jazz/Dinner combo in town but is pricey.

          1. If you'd like to take him to a festival this weekend, there is the Feast of San Gennaro in Hollywood behind Jimmy Kimmel's studio on Fri-Sun night. Not quiet or romantic, but it might be fun for a date.

            1. Another fun option is mysteries en brochette in Marina Del Rey -- a "murder mystery" 4-course dinner for around $70/pp (more around $55 with AAA discount). The food's decent and the show is pretty entertaining as well.