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Sep 25, 2007 11:37 AM

Cheap chow around midtown (57th and 7th) for dinner?

Dinner for two, both on pretty strict budgets (under $15/entree) with veggie options. Decent amosphere would be nice, would like a sit-down place. Open to all types of cuisine.


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  1. Topaz for thai food. I've only had it for lunch.

    1. Whym on 9th Ave bet. 58th and 59th. Stick with the entree salads.

      1. Two options:

        Menchanko Tei -- 55 btwn 5 and 6 Avenues -- Japanese/ramen
        Bay Leaf -- 55 or 56 and 6th Avenue -- Indian

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        1. re: cssatlantic

          Ramen is not a vegetarian food- as it uses meat stock. You might be able to make a dinner from the vegetarian side dishes though.

        2. La Bonne Soupe, the sweet French bistro, on 55th, b/t 5th & 6th, has lots more on the menu than just good soups.

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          1. re: RGR

            I adore Bonne Soupe - just go all the time :)

          2. Roberto Passon (Italian) on 9th ave. & 50th has some good pasta dishes. Pumpkin ravioli very good. It's crowded pre and post theater but at 8 pm, much better.