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Sep 25, 2007 10:59 AM

Unknown Brazilian Condiment - help, please?

My husband and I were fortunate to be the guests of a well-to-do Brazilian friend who has a live-in staff at her home in Florence. After a few terrific retaurant dinners, we decided to stay home and grill steaks and throw together a salad one evening. The Brazilian cook, who spoke no English, took it upon himself to round out the meal with farofa, which I adore, and a vinegar-based condiment to top both the sliced meat and the farofa. I don't even know what to call it. Our host wasn't there, so I couldn't ask her, and we were out doing touristy things when the cook was preparing this condiment, so I'm fishing here for something that I can't quite describe. (I tried to attach a picture of it, but that doesn't seem to be working for me.) I know that some of the principal ingredients were: finely chopped red and green bell peppers, onions, green olives,and tomatoes. Maybe there was garlic? Finely chopped celery wouldn't have been amiss, although it wasn't in this dish. It was much more soupy than a Mexican salsa, and the liquid seemed to me to be just white vinegar, some olive oil, and maybe the brine from the olives. Very salty, very vinegary, fabulous on everything. Can anybody help me out here?

Help! My mouth is watering, just thinking about it again!

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  1. Your pictures didn't post but I think it's called chimmichurra, if I have that right.

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    1. re: southernitalian

      I don't know if that's what it is, actually. Maybe my experience is limited, but I thought that was a green sauce. And I thought that was Argentinian, rather than Brazilian? This is gonna drive me crazy!

      1. re: Deenso

        Brazilian chimmichurra is tomato/vinegar base as opposed to the Argentinian green

    2. I think this sounds like a salad they always have on the buffet at my local rodizio

      1. At the Brazilian restaurants in my neighborhood it's just called "vinaigrette."

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          The same at the two brazilian restos in my area. Simply vinegarette.

        2. Indeed, if you ask for this at a Brazilian restaurant you ask for vinaegrette.

          1. It's generally known as Salsa Campanha (country sauce).