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Sep 25, 2007 10:57 AM

Hero Place near 4th Ave/9th Street

Does any one know about the hero place near the 4th Ave 9th Street subway stop in Park Slope? They claim to serve heros, fried calimari and breakfast. Its intriguing, certainly... but is it good?

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  1. Catene is wonderful, try the calmari hero, roast beef and mozz and the chicken noodle soup.

    1. second the roast beef
      catene is old school. and the food is old-school too. no park slope frou-frou little bites here. real food for real people, right off the subway. and fresh.
      breakfast and lunch only.
      not open sundays.

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      1. re: dw438

        Catene gets much love on this board. Still haven't made it but it's on my short list...

        1. re: HankyT

          It's the real deal. The roast beef/mozzarella/grilled onions hero is off the hook.

          1. re: brooklynr

            Their chicken cutlet hero is supposed to be killer too.

            1. re: HankyT

              Someone recommended the chicken cutlet sandwich when I asked who made the best in the probably is. I was as blown away as one can be by a deli chicken cutlet sandwich. Note to non-NY-area natives: chicken cutlet sandwiches are not chicken parmagiana sandwiches. They don't have melted cheese or marinara sauce on them--lettuce, tomato, mayo, maybe onion.

              1. re: PAL

                Not to change the subject but I guess that begs the question: Who makes the best chicken parm hero?

                1. re: HankyT

                  I don't know about chicken parm, but DeFonte's wins in my book for meatball parm.

                  1. re: brooklynr

                    I love DeFonte's meatball parm. Oh, I wish I had one right now! Their roastbeef, fresh mozz and fried eggplant is amazing too. But I digress. I may try to get to Catene for lunch tomorrow.

                    1. re: HankyT

                      Went to Catene yesterday and I am pleased to say it is the REAL DEAL. Steam table with meatballs and sausage floating in gravy (Brooklyn gravy), plus fresh roast beef and roast pork, stuffed peppers, a really delicious looking, herb-flecked baked ziti. I ordered my chicken cutlet hero and the guy had to go into the back to get the chicken. Not cold from some metal tray in the front, but back to where the fryer is. It was a fresh delicious treat: the lettuce, tomato and onion coming together in the sandwich like some spontaneous, site-specific cole slaw, and even though I consider shredded lettuce an absolute abomination, it worked here. They don't shred it too fine.
                      I will go back for their roast beef (the guy in front of me got some on a roll and it looked great -- medium rare) and possibly even the much-touted calamari hero. Catene, I'm glad I met ya!

        2. re: dw438

          "real food for real people"...<cracking up>