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Sep 25, 2007 10:48 AM

Moving to Cobble Hill, what are your recommendations?


I love all kinds of food and would love to know your favorite places in the neighborhood.

Best take out?

Is there a good falafel joint?


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  1. If you do some searches, there are many many threads on restaurants, take out, etc in the area. Search under Smith Street, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, etc.

    And Atlantic Avenue has no end of falafel and middle eastern options surrounding Sahadi's.

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    1. re: Nehna

      welcome to cobble hill! you have SO many dining options around here.

      your primary streets for food and smith, court and atlantic.
      on smith - a few of my favorites are lunetta, chestnut, apt. 138 and bar tabac (shoddy service, but a very classic neighborhood joint.) that being said, these are all sit down places pretty much. i do order sushi from a couple of the japanese spots on smith - ki is good.

      my favorite sushi in the neighborhood though is a tie between cube 63 on court street and hibino on henry. i'd say i order from cube twice a week on average. not the cheapest you'll find to be sure, but well above average sashimi, quick service, and creative delicious rolls too.

      on court - i think joya is a fun scene for cheap thai, but ghang thai on smith might actually be even tastier for ordering in cheap thai. i know everyone hates the mexican in the hood, but the giant basic super-cheap burritos at california tacqueria do the trick, and i think lobo and mexicali are both tasty. lobo has the atmosphere and lesser food, mexicali's food is better in my opinion but has absolutely zero ambiance.

      on atlantic, as said before, around sahadi's you'll find a ton of middle eastern places. waterfall cafe is one i like. also in the other direction on atlantic, bedouin tent has more brooklynized middle eastern and very yummy stuffed pitas.

      as for pizza, i really am a my little pizzeria fan.

      on atlantic also, jolie is a solid french for dinners and a more casual brunch. for some beer and a good burger, try waterfront ale house and downtown bar & grill.

      and come back to let us know what you think!

      1. re: vatl619

        Wow, I wasn't going to bother posting to this thread because there are approximately 60 zillion threads on what's good in this neighborhood, all very up-to-date, but I have to take issue with some of these recommendations, particularly Lobo.

        The food and service at Lobo is hands down among the worst I have experienced. Ever. At any restaurant. I wouldn't send my worst enemies to eat there.

        Also think Apt 138 has pretty lousy food. Bland, boring, overpriced.

        And I haven't been to my little pizzeria, but I'd be willing to bet serious money that Lucalli's is a lot better.

        Sorry vatl619 -- I don't generally do negative posts like this, but I think our new neighbor would be better off not eating at these joints. I do agree with your endorsement of waterfalls, chestnut, cube 63 and hibino -- all very solid and tasty neighborhood places.

        cheesegrits - def follow Nehna's advice. Welcome to the hood.

        1. re: oolah

          Thanks for the replies. I tried Joya last night and it was perfect for my first night. Very fast delivery, and good prices. Not the best thai, but I'll surely have it again.

          1. re: cheesegrits

            Em is your best get in the neighborhood for Thai.

            I have to take issue with the mexican rec's from Vatl619. California Tacqueria is terrible. So is mexicali for the most part. Hard pressed to find good mex near us but Buddy's can do okay burritos. And there's that fresh and tasty (?) place off atlantic that was recently mentioned in a thread, have yet to try it.

            1. re: Nehna

              I agree with your assessment of the Mexican food or lack thereof in the area. Though I must admit Lobo's margarita's are good, the food's antoher story. We like Lemongrass for Thai – find them to be consistent and they have good delivery. Nectar is good for light sandwiches and smoothies. Waterfalls on Atlantic is good for Middle Eastern. Patois & Quercy for French – both also do a nice brunch. For sushi we alternate between Osaka & Ki, the later which we had recently and didn’t find it to be that great. They’re both good IMO, but like every restaurant we run across, we find that some meals are just better then others.

          2. re: oolah

            When's the last time you went to Apt. 138? I ask because I used to have an equally dismal opinion of the food there, but I've been a few times more recently (reluctantly at first) and it seems to have improved considerably. Are there better options on Smith St.? Absolutely -- but not for what they do. NB I exclude from this distinction Downtown Atlantic, the Waterfront Ale House and the new Café on Clinton.

            1. re: oolah

              Lucali's is my second favorite pizza in New York and by far my favorite in CH/CG, but My Little Pizza is supremely awesome for a different sort of pizza: a perfect New York greasy pie.