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Sep 25, 2007 10:47 AM

Beef Noodle Soup in South Florida?

I have been living in Florida for almost 10 years now and have never been able to find the Chinese/Taiwanese style beef noodle soup anywhere (beef noodle soup, not to be confused with the Cantonese style stewed beef noodle soup with disgusting thin egg noodles) until I found this Taiwanese bakery in Orlando last weekend when I was visiting up there (Sun Pearl Bakery next to 1st Oriental Supermarket on W. Colonial).

The answer would probably be no, but does anyone know of a place that serve the Taiwanese/Mandarin style beef noodle soup in South Florida?

For anyone who doesn't know what it is, here's a picture:

Places I've looked: Almost every Chinese restaurant on NE 163rd / 167th St. (since they are ALL Cantonese restaurants), Long Gong on SW 8th St. and the Turnpike, Peppers in Pembroke Pines (they have something similar to it, but still on the Cantonese stewed side), Silver Pond in Lauderdale Lakes (another Cantonese place). Best beef noodle soup I've ever had - A&J restaurant in Rockville, MD (I think this is a chain and they have several locations in California as well, but it's much cheaper to fly to MD than to CA!)

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  1. any more specifics on the location of this sun pearl bakery - i just looked it up and couldn't find it - i'll go eat it this weekend

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      If it is by 1st Oriental grocery store, it is on West Colonial Dr b/t Pine Hills Rd and Kirkman Rd. It is in the shopping plaza across the Rd from a Big Lots.
      Good luck.

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        Apparently it's called "Taiwan Food" in the yellowpage listings (Sun Pearl Bakery on the business cards and just "Oriental Bakery" on the sign outside the door).

        Taiwan Food Inc
        Address: 5082 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32808
        Phone: (407) 299-3256

        1. re: lydiainflorida

          I just had their beef noodle the other day, it was soso. The beef tasted alright but they are sliced not cubes, the soup wasn't close to the real Taiwanese beef noodle. It's a pretty small bowl too :( Just not the real deal you know. Their bakery stuffs are great though.

          Next door to them there's Qcup that also sells Taiwanese deli foods, haven't had their beef noodles but other stuffs actually tasted quite good!

          Best beef noodles are most likely in LA, SF, and NY.