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Sep 25, 2007 10:46 AM

Omi is gone (for now) - where next?

Hey all -
While John finds a new home for his Omi establishment (decided not to renew his lease in search of a more permanent abode), I am left with a huge sushi void. I was wondering if anyone who's been a big fan of Omi has found anything comparable both in quality of fish? People have said Ki is the place to be - but others, who have enjoyed Omi as much as I have, were very dismissive.

Any (downtown) suggestions would be very much appreciated! I'm certainly going to miss Omi while it's gone (though his catering business is still up and running).

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  1. Japango on Elizabeth south of Dundas.

    1. Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant - 10 mins walk north of Omi on Bloor.

        1. when is he shutting the doors?! or am I too late?

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          1. re: s0memale

            i'd appreciate some elaboration as well... has he already shut down or is he closing soon?

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              closed. windows are papered up.


          2. My life is over as I know it. NO one comes close to John Lee. I only pray he stays in Toronto.

            Does anyone have a phone # for the catering business? If that's the only way for now then that's what I will do.