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Omi is gone (for now) - where next?

dudebrah Sep 25, 2007 10:46 AM

Hey all -
While John finds a new home for his Omi establishment (decided not to renew his lease in search of a more permanent abode), I am left with a huge sushi void. I was wondering if anyone who's been a big fan of Omi has found anything comparable both in quality of fish? People have said Ki is the place to be - but others, who have enjoyed Omi as much as I have, were very dismissive.

Any (downtown) suggestions would be very much appreciated! I'm certainly going to miss Omi while it's gone (though his catering business is still up and running).

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  1. a
    acd123 RE: dudebrah Sep 25, 2007 11:20 AM

    Japango on Elizabeth south of Dundas.

    1. skylineR33 RE: dudebrah Sep 25, 2007 11:24 AM

      Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant - 10 mins walk north of Omi on Bloor.

      1. a
        ace123 RE: dudebrah Sep 25, 2007 12:57 PM

        Takesushi @ BCE Place.

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        1. re: ace123
          pescatarian RE: ace123 Sep 25, 2007 12:59 PM

          I second Takesushi.

        2. s0memale RE: dudebrah Sep 25, 2007 01:59 PM

          when is he shutting the doors?! or am I too late?

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          1. re: s0memale
            pinstripeprincess RE: s0memale Sep 26, 2007 07:35 AM

            i'd appreciate some elaboration as well... has he already shut down or is he closing soon?

            1. re: pinstripeprincess
              HarryLloyd RE: pinstripeprincess Sep 26, 2007 07:37 AM

              closed. windows are papered up.


          2. Googs RE: dudebrah Sep 25, 2007 06:52 PM

            My life is over as I know it. NO one comes close to John Lee. I only pray he stays in Toronto.

            Does anyone have a phone # for the catering business? If that's the only way for now then that's what I will do.

            1. Googs RE: dudebrah Sep 28, 2007 08:34 AM

              Here's as much of the skinny as I know:

              Yes the catering business is still up and running. You can contact Omi Sushi Catering through the same # listed for Omi at Yellowpages.ca. Minimum order would be for about 10-15 people. 416-920-8991

              However, about now-ish John's taking a much needed two week vacation. When he returns he'll be scouting locations. He will remain in downtown Toronto (thank goodness).

              Personal Hope: C'mon Cabbagetown!!! Come to MA-maaaa.

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              1. re: Googs
                Dimbulb RE: Googs Sep 28, 2007 09:15 AM

                I read in Now that he had a place lined up on Parliament, but the deal fell thru.

                1. re: Dimbulb
                  Googs RE: Dimbulb Sep 28, 2007 12:00 PM

                  Gosh, I didn't realize it was NOW-worthy. I didn't mention the deal that fell through lest anyone think either the buyer or seller weren't dealmakers. Made me too uncomfortable. Now that the ship has sailed, yes it fell through for reasons well beyond the control of both parties. There's a chance it may come together again. Fingers & toes crossed here.

              2. d
                dudebrah RE: dudebrah Oct 18, 2007 10:50 PM

                im at work at 2am and i need OMI back in my life... Japango was crap insofar as their omakase was sparse and contained ZERO rolls [is that usual?] I did notice one of his understudys, who will go unnamed, went there.

                I've heard Blowfish is a waste of money. There was one other place downtown but I forget the name .. around Bathurst/King as well? Anyone else vouch for Ichiriki (aside from skylineR33)?

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                1. re: dudebrah
                  Blueicus RE: dudebrah Oct 18, 2007 11:21 PM

                  Rolls are traditionally considered cheap and filler... I don't believe they're usually served by the chef when given a decent budget. I personally thought the omakase at Japango to be more interesting than the one at Omi (and the people at Japango also were more personable).

                  1. re: dudebrah
                    pescatarian RE: dudebrah Oct 19, 2007 04:53 AM

                    I believe you are thinking of Toshi Sushi at Bathurst and King.

                    Blowfish is great. Not a waste of money in my opinion, but not traditional sushi, if that's what you're looking for.

                    1. re: dudebrah
                      pinstripeprincess RE: dudebrah Oct 19, 2007 06:47 AM

                      the rise in price at japango made my last visit to omi seem that much better. i used to prefer japango because they were slightly more cost effective but my loyalties have changed a bit.

                      that being said... i've only left stuffed from japango for an omakase and sparse certainly would not be how i would describe it. i think that my experiences at omi were more creative but the variety i have received at japango was amazing. i have never received rolls from omi for their omakase but have had one or two from japango. they tend to serve you nigiri and sashimi which i would much more prefer as it allows me to really enjoy the fresh fish for what it is.

                      1. re: dudebrah
                        Teep RE: dudebrah Oct 19, 2007 06:52 PM

                        I've not had omakase at Ichiriki but the fish is always excellent there.

                        1. re: Teep
                          JDJay RE: Teep Oct 20, 2007 11:10 AM

                          I also agree that Ichiriki is very good. Have not had the omakase either, though.

                          I'm also a big fan of Takesushi. I find it very consistent on serving a good quality fish.

                          1. re: JDJay
                            chaptwo RE: JDJay Sep 10, 2008 11:15 PM

                            I would pass on Ichiriki. After a lot of hype from Japanese friends, we tried it and found that the sushi was 'average' to say the least. Outside of the uni, it just seemed very flat. Has anyone else had a similar experience there ?

                            The restaurant also had no atmosphere at all, the sushi chef seemed totally unfriendly and the waitresses on an average night took four requests to provide us with green tea.

                            My better half, who is Japanese, was pretty disappointed as was I.

                            We'll be checking out Toshi Sushi at King and Yonge. Apparently it's great.

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