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Sep 25, 2007 10:37 AM

Best breakfast in/around Wiscasset/Boothbay/Bristol?

Heading up to Maine this weekend and was looking for a really great breakfast in this area. Great for me is vegetarian/natural oriented, but could also be really masterful omelets with goat cheese and REAL maple syrup for pancakes/french toast (preferably on homemade bread).

Anything? THANKS!

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    1. re: Mainegal

      I second Bintliff's for breakfast/brunch.

      1. re: Mainegal

        Should have added that it's on Davis Island, in Edgecomb.On the Sheepscot river, just over the bridge from Wiscasset.

      2. Thanks..that looks pretty good. Although I'm a bit wary of the "blended maple syrup" listed on the menu.....

          out at this lighthouse there's a great little place to eat
          i little touristy but i love it and will actually be going up to maine and this restaurant this weekend
          plus the view is great and the lighthouse and the views are gorgeous

          also worth checking out is the bristol diner

          it's a local joint but the food is great and it's super cheap

          also unrelated to breakfast the pemaquid oyster fest is on sunday the 30th and should be rad

          maybe that's too much info but i'm going up to ME this weekend from boston and i'm really pumped if you can't tell