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Sep 25, 2007 10:27 AM


Does anyone know where to find great sushi deals, Tomo sushi off of park has 1$ sushi after 10pm, something along the lines of that, i live in plano and love sushi please advise! Thanks!

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  1. I think the better deal is Sushi Yama on Tuesday & Saturday night $1 sushi and you don't need to wait to eat until 10. That being said I would rather pay more and go to Masami and get better quality. If I am trying to conserve money I just make my own.

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      I went to Sushi Yama two weeks ago on a Saturday night. Our group of four got a huge assortment of rolls and sushi. I am sorry to say that each visit to Sushi Yama I have had in the past 6 mos. there had been a gradual but noticeable decline in quality. My last visit there broke the camels back. The sushi had a fishy smell to it and the texture screamed, "don't eat me!" I am sorry to say that Sushi Yama is now on my Don't Go There For Sushi list and I don't think I can go out for budget sushi ever again unless it is from Sea Bose. My last experience left a horrible taste in my mouth...literally.

      1. re: adkim

        eww that sounds like a horrid sushi experience, if i order sushi, the fish better be melting like butter, nothing worse than going to take a bite of some yellow tail and catching that fishy smell thanks for the advice. i wont be sushi'ing it at sushi yama

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        Yes i should start making my own, but i love the nagiri hand rolls, where do i find sushi grade fish? whole foods or something?

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          make own sushi? ive made cali rolls before but where would i go get the sushi grade fish? whole foods?

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            There are several places to buy reasonable Sushi grade fish. Central, Whole Foods, Seabose, Captin Dave's, Kazy's. For the most part the fish will be frozen, some places freeze it and then thaw to sell you smaller quantities. That being said there are many varieties you can make with run of the mill non raw ingredients.

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              Last time I was at Central Market I asked about shushi-grade tuna and salmon. I was advised that they have blocks of frozen tuna and salmon that are high enough quality for sushi. I was told that although the fish at their counter is acceptable to prepare seared, since it's been exposed to air (and therefore bacteria) they don't condone using it for sushi.

        2. Im not sure if they still do it, but Fujiyama on Midway and Frankfurt has buy 1 get one free sushi for lunch. I haven't been since I changed jobs, but last I remember, it was the best lunch sushi in town.

          Good Luck!


          *enjoy the sauce*

          1. Asian Mint (75 & Forest) has $1 sushi on Monday and Tuesday nights 5:30 - 10 pm.

            1. Genroku on Wed and Sun at 11a-1:30p (it's packed by noon so you have to get there early). Not bad at all for $1/pc, though their sushi is getting smaller, too. If Seabose was closer, I'd rather go there, of course.

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                Seabose would be my #1 pick for budget sushi, but as you said, Carrollton is a quite a drive.

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                  Genroku, while cheap, has awful quality sushi. And even when the fish quality is better, the chefs never seem to know how to properly cut sashimi. I've actually received CUBES of sashimi before.

                  1. re: HuongStar

                    Genroku's sushi is no worse than at most sushi places in DFW (most of them don't serve real sushi anyway) or Kaitenzushi in Japan (actually, I'd rather go to Genroku than most kaitenzushi places, which are chains, in Japan). What Genroku doesn't do is the rice rather than the fish (I know you guys focus only on fish). They don't know how to cook sushi rice.

                    air, we went to Seabose today. The prices have gone up from $1.25 to $1.75, $3.99 to $4.50, etc. Still not bad, but it hurts when you order 30 pcs + 2 rolls...
                    Their slices of fish were HUGE today.

                    1. re: kuidaore

                      Rice is important but I rarely find it to be an issue unless I'm ordering chirashi.

                      Maybe I've had the luxury of eating at quality kaitenzushi places in Japan and they definitely trump the quality of Genroku. They are extremely hit or miss, and hits are hardly even good enough to call hits - no doubt, Genroku certainly is cheap though.

                      And while I prefer nigiri, I have tried a couple different rolls at Genroku and I found that they hardly ever roll them tightly enough to withstand even the gentle press of fingertips (much less chopsticks).

                      1. re: HuongStar

                        The rolls at Genroku are horrible! (I tried only once. Those aren't real sushi anyway.) Which kaitenzushi chain in Japan is of quality? Maybe I'll try it next time when I'm there (but obviously, what you expect from sushi is different from what I do).

                        "Shari" is as important as "neta"! "Shari" is the same for nigiri and chirashi. Traditionally, sushi chef apprentices were required to spend the first 3 yrs just making shari before they were allowed to make sushi. And after 5 years of making sushi (8 yrs in total), they were considered qualified sushi chefs.

                  2. Agreed, I never order the sushi at Genroku, even during dollar sushi.

                    I recently tried this new sushi buffet called Kiku in Mckinney that blows away Tokyo One and Osaka. and I'll try and get a writeup asap... haven't posted much because school's kept me busy.

                    1. re: air

                      I tried it (Kiku) Friday night. It was better than I expected for $20. A variety of rolls (esp dragon & crazy boy) which usually you wouldn't bother with but why not at a buffet? None of the nigiri was bad, some was not that great, some were good. The sashimi was a little better but there was less variety. I liked the baby octopus salad and the kimchee actually, nice desserts too. I didn't even get to the hibachi stuff. I'll definitely go back when I want a ton of food.

                      1. re: luniz

                        I basically would have mentioned all of those points that you did. The overall quality of their fish was better than any other sushi buffet I had, so I felt that it was an amazing bargain at $13 for lunch.

                        I wish I had gotten to try out more of the hot food. I didn't see anyone working the hibachi area when I went, but that's considering my visit was a late lunch at around 2:30 a few fridays ago.

                        Oh yeah, and location: go north on 75, exit El Dorado, take a right at the light, and the restaurant will be on your right. This place has actually been around longer than I had thought, so I'm surprised that Guidelive hasn't done a review yet. The $13 lunch and $20 prices for lunch/dinner (respectively) may just be an opening thing, so head over there in case that changes soon!

                  3. I believe Ajisen in Richardson (near "Little China" shopping district) has weeknight $1 sushi special in order to compete with nearby Sushi Yama.


                    You'll have to call to check which day it is exactly as I believe they changed it from the last time I visited.

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                      Actually, Ajisen stopped doing their dollar sushi deal. It used to be on friday and saturday nights after 10.