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Sep 25, 2007 10:21 AM

Memphis followup and thanks

Been lurking for some time now and wanted to thank those who have posted on other threads about local tasties - specifically the BBQ. I've certainly made lots of notes, and plan to use them when I leave the Big Apple and embark on a Little Rock > Memphis > Birmingham trip that I'm starting next week. Note: I've been mail ordering Neeley's 'Interstate' for some time now and I'm pumped to get it fresh off the fire.

The only other suggestion I'd like to elicit is around a dinner spot. I'll have more than my share of shirt-staining, sleeve-dripping meals on this trip, and I'd like to take one night midway through to get a bottle of wine at a 'nice but not too nice' dinner spot - preferably for steaks and or chops. Thoughts?

I be sure to post my review take when i get back. Again, thanks.

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  1. Not typically considered either a wine or steak place, but you might really enjoy the Beauty Shop in Cooper-Young. Cool atmosphere, very friendly service, and I've always enjoyed their strip with pommes frites. Another thought is McEwen's downtown. Great wine list and always good meat and seafood selections.

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      I just saw that Brett Duffee is moving to Equestria.

    2. I haven't been there yet, but I've heard very good things about Itta Bena, the steakhouse above BB King's club on Beale. It is supposed to be an upscale spot away from all the craziness on the street. There's no sign, so the doorman will have to direct you to it. It's supposed to be for people "in the know." Another good place that isn't too expensive is Encore in Peabody Place. The chef is a master chef, and the cuisine is sort of southern and french. Entrees are around $20. More expensive is Felica Suzanne's, which is upscale Southern, but it is well worth it. Beauty Shop is a really trendy place in Cooper-Young, and I second the previous poster's recommendation.

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        I agree about Encore. It's absolutely delicious and really reasonable prices for the quality of the food. Their salmon with cauliflower risotto is delicious, and their wine prices are pretty good too. I'd also recommend River Oaks which is near 240 and Poplar. I have had some great meals there. Entrees are in the $20's, but everything I have had was worth every bit of what I paid.