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Sep 25, 2007 10:21 AM

Blue Ribbon Sushi for Husband's Birthday?

It's hubby's birthday next Thursday. We'll be eating right after work. Is it worth it? I'm not looking to break the bank on dinner. Any other suggestions for sushi downtown? It doesn't need to be fancy or trendy, just good sushi. I'm not a sushi lover so I leave it up to the experts. Thanks.

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  1. Personally, my favorite sushi place in the city is Ono at the Hotel Gansvoort. The service is always friendly. The sake selection is great and the sushi is always delicious and fresh.

    I know some people rave about Blue Ribbon and Jewel Bako but I'll pick Ono any day.

    1. If your husband is a Serious Nigiri lover then I'd go elsewhere, like Sushi Yasuda or Soto or 15 East, etc.

      If you want something more casual, buzzy, and with a good variety of cooked dishes and rolls, etc. then Blue Ribbon Sushi is fine. But you can't make reservations, so be prepared to wait if it's prime dinner time.

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        Sushi Yasuda is an amazing experience, especially when seated at the sushi bar - highly recommended above Blue Ribbon Sushi

      2. My husband would definitely love Blue Ribbon Sushi for his birthday. I don't think they take reservations for small groups, though (require 4 or 6, I think). They are more pricey, but I think that's the cost of keeping such a large variety so fresh. If your husband likes to try new, different things (jelly fish, live clam), then he'll be excited about Blue Ribbon. The standards (salmon, tuna) are great, too, but the more exotic choices and cozy atmosphere make is special in my mind. I would estimate that a sushi dinner for 2 there, with 2 glasses (actually, boxes) of sake would be under $120 total. More if you get a bottle to drink.

        1. It's not the best option.

          Imho, Blue Ribbon is *possibly* ok in these situations:
          -- in the mid-afternoon, when few other places are open yet Blue Ribbon is both open and mostly empty
          -- late-late-at-night after/during drinking
          -- maybe maybe for a first-date kinda thing, provided your date isn't a true sushi lover and would just want a fun place w/ dim lighting and some cooked food options

          Blue Ribbon is overpriced for the quality...the hamachi is usually good and i've had many solid meals there, but i've also occassionally had some shockingly untasty pieces of fish...what you are paying extra for there is the Soho scene and the fun woodsy space...

          My rec would be to take your hubby to Ushi Wakamaru...not trendy, neither crazy expensive nor cheap...if possible, sit at the bar and have the owner/chef Hideo-san take care of you

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          1. re: Simon

            Ushi Wakamaru was closed down by the Department of Health.

            DOH did nothing until the rat video from KFC. Now they are on a witch hunt closing up so many decent places.

            1. re: JasonChow

              Ushi is almost as expensive as BR, but quality is a step up. I love the ambiance, but for some it may be a bit uninspiring. I intend to support Ushi when they re-open with so much patronage that I grow gills. They have been made a sacrificial lamb by the DOH, in my view. Try the toro tataki. He does it with a pastry blowtorch! Rad!

          2. blue ribbon *will* break the bank!

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              Actually, we had lunch there over the weekend and got out of there with a bill, before tip - of under $100, including 2 glasses of wine. That is unusual for us though.

              1. re: MMRuth

                i need to learn from you! me and a friend ate there, and while we had a few bottles of sake as well, the final tally was $500-ish...

                1. re: TBird

                  Well, that might be the difference - and we had a dinner party to go to that night, so we ordered less food than we usually do. But usually the bill - which will probably include a cheap large sake and a bottle of white wine (low end) will be under $200.