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Sep 25, 2007 10:05 AM

Mixed Emotional Dinner

Hi Everyone,

My roommate's birthday is on Friday...and our cat had to be put to sleep suddenly yesterday. If we're up to it, I want to take her out to a fun dinner as a combination celebration dinner of her birthday and our Kitty's wonderful life!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where we could go that is in/near the east village, won't be packed to the brims on a Friday night, and is relatively inexpensive (last year we went to Congee Village if that is any help). FYI she is a chowhounder as well, so don't be afraid to suggest some adventurous places!

Thank you so much!

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  1. What about Clos Mogodor?

    1. Tsampa for Tibetan? Yummy, inexpensive, dimly lit if you get teary eyed...

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        Hi Bladerobbins. Thanks so much for the suggestion! We had never even heard of this place, but decided to give it a try. While some of the food was a bit bland, it was a delightful experince overall and perfect for the occasion. Among our favorites were the Tibetan bread, the steamed spring roll and the extremely spicy hot sauce (served warm). It was extremely reasonably priced and we will definitely try it again. Thanks again to everyone for your suggestions!!

        1. re: Melanie

          I'm so glad you liked it. It's a definite favorite standby of mine. Very comforting. For your next visit, I'd recommend the Nya Ngo, the Sherpa Khala, and the Bhutanese Chicken. I also love the Tsampa drink...

      2. If it's just the two of you, consider that tapas place on 2nd Ave. just south of the movie theater (I'm blanking on the name). I sat there and ate anchovies, shrimp, tuna...things I thought my cat would like.

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          Bar Carrera or Bar Veloce? They're next door to each other.

        2. OG on 6th between 1st & A somehow doesn't get crowded, even on Friday nights. We can always get a table there, and all the food is delicious. Their specialty is dumplings, but they also have salad-focused appetizers and really great entrees (fish, duck, noodles). And there are always specials, including new dumpling varieties. It's a really good deal, and the drinks (mostly just beer and wine) are reasonable, too. A glass of sake is $8, and it's a really big glass. It's a cozy place that almost looks French... very comfortable.

          Sorry about your kitty... I hope you are both up for going out... she'll appreciated it.