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Sep 25, 2007 10:04 AM

Charcoal and Citizen Smith in Hollywood

We're going to Wicked next month and I have (had) reservations at Off Vine. However, after reading the comments below it's a no go for me!

I found two places I've never heard of before: Charcoal on Sunset/Ivar and Citizen Smith on Cauhenga. Has anyone been to either of these places? Any other recs within walking distance of the Pantages? ( Musso & Franks and Brasserie Vert are too far).


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  1. Of those two, I much prefer Citizen Smith.

    Other popular recommendations near Pantages include Bowery, Magnolia, Fabiolus Cafe, Hungry Cat, Sushi Ike and Los Balcones del Peru. Also within walking distance are Kung Pao Kitty and Chan Dara Thai. I'd personally even extend it out further to include Lucky Devil's, but I don't know how far you're willing to walk.

    1. Definitely Citizen Smith between the two. Stay away from Charcoal. But I'd vote Hungry Cat instead.

      1. I really enjoy the Hungry Cat myself.. The location is a bit off, but the peel and eat shrimp and pretty much every dish there (besides the alaskan king crab leg app, in my opinion) is fantastic. If you arn't jonesing for seafood, the "pug" burger is great.

        Also, i absolutely ADORE going to Musso & Frank's. It is so classic and has such character- and since you are going to the theatre afterwards, i think that really is the perfect pairing.. :-) enjoy the show!!

        1. go with Musso & Franks, it has a great atmosphere and it is classic :-) you are going to the theatre afterwards... i couldn't dream up a better pairing !!
          enjoy the show

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            We wanted to go to Musso & Franks but they did not take reservations for 2 people, and seeing as we had to be at the Pantages by 7:50 (or so), I didn't want to take the chance on the wait (and as it turned out it was quite windy and the walk would not have been pleasant). So I made 6:00pm reservations at Citizen Smith.

            We arrived at 6:05 and the hostess was with the woman in front of me. Finally she takes the woman in back and seats her, and I watch her go over to the bar, go in back, disappear for a while, return to the bar and finally walk up to me (5 mintures later!). She greeted me and I just sort of stared at her and I guess she realized my angst and apologized ('Sorry about that'). The place was fairly empty and most people there were seated at the bar.

            She proceeded to sit us at a banquet where was the table lliterally 2" from the table next to it! We asked if we could have a booth, but she said they 'no' they were reserved for larger parties. Seeing as there was no one sitting in any of them, I really don't think it would have been a problem. We were offered the patio but it was quite windy out there and they allowed smoking out there.

            She offered us a table in the lounge, which was 2 top and although next to the door to the patio (much street noise and some wind) we accepted it. It was loud in there as the TV had a college football game on (too loudly) and several people at the bar were having a good ol' time, and not quietly. We figured we could endure that for one meal. It was now about 6:15 and we waited and after 5 minutes a waitrees walked by (without stopping) and said she'd be right with us. About 3 minutes later someone (I don't know if he was the manager or what) asked us if everything was allright. We said, no that we had not been served and we were on our way to the theatre and would like to order. About this time the loud rock music came on, on top of the TV and the laughing and yelling at the bar.

            We waited a couple of more minutes and with all the noise and still no waitress, we threw in the towell and left at 6:25pm.

            We had no idea where to go, my wife's shoes were not the walking a lot in type, and it was really windy. We ended up at the newly opened Katsuya on Vine. They were very nice, and while we did sit at a banquet, but the tables were spaced nicely apart. In fact, the waitress could (and did) stand between the tables while taking our order.

            Katsuya was very good, however we are not into Sushi so we had more normal entrees (Teryaki Chicken/LambChops) which we did enjoy. We would probalby not return owevr, but only because we don't do Japanese very often and it was very expensive. Beautiful place though.