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Sep 25, 2007 09:38 AM

Menu recs at Proof?

Proof has been on my radar/go-to list since a little while back, and then got a friendly reminder as I read the review in Sunday's Post. Hopefully will be able to head there tonight, just wondering if anyone has any favorites/recommendations from the dinner menu there?


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  1. I had the gnocchi and it was excellent...I almost wished I had ordered a double order it was so tasty.

    I also shared a variety of cheeses with our table and they were all very good with some tasty sides/spreads to go with them. I forget exactly what we ordered but I know we ordered one from each category and thought all our choices were great.

    Please make sure to report back on what you get. I've been wanting to head back there since my first visit but haven't gotten around to it.

    1. I had dinner there a few weeks back. I had the hamachi crudo [good but not as good as Hook], glazed sablefish [very good], and a dessert I enjoyed but can't recall. I was with my GF and two other friends. I don't recall what they had either but everyone enjoyed the food, very good wine list, nice ambiance, moderate price. You should enjoy it.

      1. Gnocchi, Mini Meatballs with Ravioli, and Sablefish (entree) are my top 3 recommendations. I thought the cheese portions were small and didn't like the flatbreads.

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          I also heard bad things about the flatbreads from other people who went there.

          I didn't mind the cheese portions. I was sharing the cheese with 3 other friends and the size was fine for all of us to share as a first course. Now perhaps they gave us more because they knew we were sharing---not sure. But it worked out fine.

        2. mini meatballs, tuna tartar, prawns, heirloom tomatoes, mushroom side

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            Oh yes--forgot the tuna tartar. That was great too!

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              MY GF had the tuna tartar. We thought it was average; but after having tuna tartar at dozens of restaurants how do you make it special? This was fine as it went but not special. She also had the rabbit loin for an entree which she liked.

          2. Thanks everyone for all of the recommendations!! Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts we wound up going to Dino instead.. not that I'm complaining too much, mind you, but I am trying to figure out a way to get there this weekend instead- and I'll be sure to make note of all of the things listed here!