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Sep 25, 2007 09:29 AM

Tea Shop in the Village

I was in NYC last week and stopped for tea at a small shop in the Village. I believe it was actually on McDougal but wouldn't swear to it. Does anyone by chance know the name?

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  1. Maybe it was Porto Rico on Bleecker and MacDougal. They're more purveyors of fine teas and coffees, but I know you can get a cup there.

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    1. re: JungMann

      Thanks for the tip - I will try to track that down and see. They didn't serve food really, more like pastries. It was not quite on a corner, up some stairs, a little pricey but great tea!

      1. re: texann

        It definitely wasn't Porto Rico then, since they don't serve food. If it was up some stairs, it was probably La Lanterna or the tea house next door to it. La Lanterna is old world charming but has food in addition to pastries. The tea house next door could be a Starbucks and you'd barely notice.

    2. Tea Spot?

      Heh heh, yes it kinda looks like a Starbucks. But it doesn't smell like one (overpoweringly of coffee, that is).

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        Oh wow! YES - that is it! Great job! I knew it wasn't Starbucks but I just couldn't rmember the name. Great job! Thanks so much! You Chowhoounds are an amazing lot. Thanks so much