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Sep 25, 2007 09:29 AM

Favorite seafood restaurant...

I have two friends coming to visit the first weekend in October and they mentioned they wanted to eat seafood. I tend to stay away from seafood restaurants in the area, because I feel like most of them are overpriced for the quality. I truly dislike Legal. Can anyone give some other suggestions? The best place would be one with delicious food using fresh, local ingredients, but all suggestions are welcome. The more the better.


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  1. Live-tank Hong Kong style seafood places in Chinatown. My standby here is Peach Farm.
    Portuguese and Brazilian restaurants in East Cambridge: O Cantinho, Casa Portugal, Muqeca, Portugalia.
    Small seafood places with good raw bar. Neptune Oyster is my favorite.

    1. One of the great things about Boston is that you can get great seafood without going to a seafood restaurant! I totally agree with you about Legal. I usually order seafood and have had great meals at most places in the area. Just to start, I'd recommend checking out Rendezvous, Oleana, Garden at the Cellar and Salts, all in Cambridge; Prezza in the North End, and nearly any of the other places recommended on this board, except perhaps the steakhouses! ;-)

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        Actually, I always maintain you get great seafood at steakhouses...Grilling or broiling is a fantastic way to cook most fish; just a few weeks ago,I had fabulous tuna at the Coach Grille...Makes perfect sense, it _is_ a steak. Whenever I get invited to a steakhouse, I'm all over it. Still haven't tried the bone-in swordfish steak fromGrill 23; it's on the list.

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          Trya bone in saddle of monkfish when you have the opportunity, as long as you like monkfish. Great flavor and stays super moist.

      2. Moulton's in Medford is at or near the top of my list. They go down to the docks every day to get fresh fish, and the quality definitely shows. The batter they use for their fried fish is light and not greasy at all. And generally, the prices are pretty reasonable.

        Eastern Pier on the Waterfront is another place to consider, as they specialize in Hong Kong style seafood and they have an outdoor deck on the water that is hidden from the street, so it's usually pretty quiet.

        1. B&G Oysters is my go-to place for great seafood.

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            Second that emotion. I've had gorgeous fresh fish there and the oysters are really perfect. B&G would be my pick for this occastion.

          2. Great Bay, near Fenway is really delicious. I went there recently when I was home visiting my parents and I had a delicious meal. If your friend likes oysters they have a great raw bar as well.

            While I haven't been, my parents talk a lot about Legal's Test Kitchen. I know you don't like Legal's but this is a little something different from what I hear.

            For lobster and a fun New England menu I like Jasper White's Summer Shack.

            And for Italian seafood you should try the tiny Daily Catch. It's been awhile since I've been there but I remember their calamari and pasta with clam sauce fondly.

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            1. re: Elyssa

              Sorry, Elyssa, we clearly have different tastes. I'm not a fan of Great Bay, LTK or Summer Shack.

              1. re: Blumie

                I'll pile on negatively about Summer Shack -- weak food, outrageous prices, very noisy digs. Great Bay is also very, very expensive, though I thought the food was decent.

                1. re: bachslunch

                  I truly hate Summer Shack - the price to quality is lacking in a huge way. Great Bay - I've only been once but I was not impressed. Legals is a place I try to avoid. For my money I'd say:

                  East Coast Grill - you really can't go wrong. Great raw bar, wonderful dishes and just plain awesome.

                  B+G Oyster House - best raw bar, great dishes, reasonable prices and while I love the atmosphere it is a little noisy and cramped.

                  If sushi is on order - Oishii 2 is wonderful - but a bit of a trek outside the city. New Ginza in Watertown is almost as good. Never had the cooked dishes so I can't help. Fugakyu is also a wonderful place - across the board (sushi and other assorted cooked Japanese fare)

                  The Chinese place on Beacon near Fugakyu also has some great fish but I believe that their duck is the main draw.

                  Many of the better places in Boston have great fish too - Clio, Radius, Om, Sidney's...I also used to enjoy Out of the Blue in Davis (haven't been in 2 years) and Dolphin out in Harvard (haven't been in a long while either)

                  good luck

                  1. re: aranthe

                    Good suggestions, aranthe. Just a few corrections:

                    1. the Chinese place on Beacon you referenced, Chinatown Seafood, closed down several months ago. It's now a Finale outpost. Wasn't too impressed with it the time I went, anyway -- service was near incompetent levels.

                    2. there's an Oishii in the South End. Haven't been, but it's gotten good reports on this board. It's also very expensive. I can vouch for the one in Chestnut Hill, which to my mind does the best area sushi.

                    3. have been to Dolphin Seafood and like it very much. It's also comparatively affordable for this type of seafood experience.