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Sep 25, 2007 09:09 AM

Sam's Tiburon--better options?

I have a few friends in town this weekend and was thinking of heading to Sams for lunch on Friday. Am I missing out on any better options for lunch with a few cocktails for out of towners? We'll be in the city most of the weekend and thought Friday would be a good time to get out and give them a little different perspective. The food there never blows me away, but I'd like to keep the options seafood-focused.

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  1. Last time we went there..a few weeks ago...we found the food not quite up to their usual standard. There was apparently a fire in the kitchen a few weeks earlier. Don't know if there is any connection with the sub-par quality.

    1. How about Fish. in Sausalito? Good food. I don't know about the drinks but people are imbibing there. I am sorry I cannot add the correct link.

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        Wally does fish have a patio/deck area? I'm not familiar with it (a city dweller who relies on muni so I don't get out of the city much.)

      2. Fish does have a patio & the food is spectacular. Decent wine list, local beer etc. Following is their website:

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            Not sure I like the design of the website but the menu looks worth a shot.

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              Fish has some of the best seafood in the Bay Area. It is almost all patio and deck with just a few seats indoors. It is one of those rare Bay Are places ... good food with a view. It is located in a lttle marina area. Sam might have a marginally better view but Fish is so much better food-wise.

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                Fish has a view of the water, a very local non-touristy marina atmosphere, and you order your food at the counter.. Sam's deck has a classic view of the bay and city that really can't be beat (or equaled), waiter service, and a full bar. Physically Sam's is the same as it was over 40 years ago, and I mean that as a good thing. Although the food as Fish may be better, Sam's is an experience not to be missed, especially for visitors. A Sunday afternoon on Sam's deck a long time ago helped me to fall in love with this area.

          2. FISH in Sausalito is good. If you really want to blow thier minds--drive down into the belly of the beast of the Mission and delight them with Foreign Cinema. Sit outside--totally chic, totally delicious.

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            1. re: alio e olio

              I definitely want to give them the "lunch on the water" experience and it sounds like Fish is just the place. I've heard great things about Foreign Cinema though--maybe later in the weekend.