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Sep 25, 2007 09:06 AM

suggestions for some leftover pork

i have a big hunk of cheap pork. i think it a shoulder... what ever it was.. i got it on special. i used it for filipino bbq, and it turned out great.(the recipe is on my blog)
However it is FREEZING now outside so I dont want to grill again. any suggestions? i am not feeling very creative for some reason today... so I need your help.

hoping for something that is quick and easy.. an after work type meal. i have a pretty well stocked pantry.

thanks chowhounds.


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  1. How about red-cooked pork? I've used Andrea Nguyen's char sui (red-cooked pork) recipe from her Vietnamese Table cookbook....the pork is cut into slices, then strips, marinated, then cooked in the oven. Also not in the quick n easy category, but delicious, is cochinita pibil.

    1. I often use it to make lechon kawali, the most sinful and delicious of comfort foods I know. Cut up and without the skin, it makes a very good adobo, which is very quick. The skin can be saved to make homemade chicharon.

      When whole, you can roast the shoulder in the oven to great results as BBQ, porchetta, Schweinshaxn, etc. My quick recipe is to rub it down with pepper, thyme, chipotle powder, garlic powder, cumin and tons of (seasoned) salt and to additionally rub the skin with a generous amount of cider vinegar. Bake at 375 for an hour, then 30 more minutes at 450.

      If the leftovers are from your marinated BBQ, why not add it to rice fried with garlic, eggs, scallions, carrots, peas and soy sauce? Or you can buy potsticker dough at the market and fill them with your shredded BBQ. Steamed or fried they should be good.

      1. I recently cut up some cooked pork into small chunks, then made grilled cheese sandwiches with pork in the middle. (two slices of bread, cheese on both sides, pork in the middle). The heat from the melted cheese heated up the pork just fine, but you could warm it up in the microwave before putting it on the sandwich if you were worried.

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          Cheese sounds really good, since we actually have it. We're on such a limited budget that (don't roll your eyes) a pork roast is like having turkey on Thanksgiving. Thanks. I'll give this a try. Any condiments you might recommend? I swiped some very diluted horseradish, but we have other stuff not so purloined... Thanks, Morganna (and weren't you in the King Arthur saga? Just wondering...) *grins*

        2. Not sure exactly how much you have but I'd suggest if you still have a lot of pork shoulder, throw it into the oven at 250 degrees for 3-4 hours. The juices will flow like crazy and you'll have pulled pork - it'll be a bit over done because you've BBQ'd it but pork shoulder has so much fat that it'll probably still be very juicy. Get some really good BBQ sauce and you can make delicious pulled pork sandwiches with no work at all.

          edit--I missed your "quick" part sorry but this would be easy if you have time.

          1. I'd just make a pasta sauce with small cubes of the meat, sauteed with onions and garlic, add some broth and maybe some wine and tomatoes, plus whatever other seasonings, and let it simmer a bit By the time you freshen up and have a cocktail, it'll be good to go!